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The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  • The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
  • Drama, Crime, Foreign,
  • The wife of a barbaric crime boss engages in a secretive romance with a gentle bookseller between meals at her husband's restaurant. Food, colour coding, sex, murder, torture and cannibalism are the exotic fare in this beautifully filmed but brutally uncompromising modern fable which has been interpreted as an allegory for Thatcherism.
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The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover 1989
Santa Sangre
  • Santa Sangre (1989)
  • Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Foreign,
  • A young man is confined in a mental hospital. Through a flashback we see that he was traumatized as a child, when he and his family were circus performers: he saw his father cut off the arms of his mother, a religious fanatic and leader of the heretical church of Santa Sangre ("Holy Blood"), and then commit suicide. Back in the present, he escapes and rejoins his surviving and armless mother.
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Santa Sangre 1989
The Little Vampire
  • The Little Vampire (2000)
  • Horror, Family, Foreign,
  • Based on the popular books, the story tells of Tony who wants a friend to add some adventure to his life. What he gets is Rudolph, a vampire kid with a good appetite. The two end up inseparable, but their fun is cut short when all the hopes of the vampire race could be gone forever in single night. With Tony's access to the daytime world, he helps them to find what they've always wanted.
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The Little Vampire 2000
The Magdalene Sisters
  • The Magdalene Sisters (2002)
  • Drama, Foreign,
  • Four women are given into the custody of the Magdalene sisterhood asylum to correct their sinful behavior: Crispina and Rose have given birth to a premarital child, Margaret got raped by her cousin and the orphan Bernadette had been repeatedly caught flirting with the boys. All have to work in a laundry under the strict supervision of the nuns, who break their wills through sadistic punishment.
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The Magdalene Sisters 2002
The End of the Affair
  • The End of the Affair (1999)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • On a rainy London night in 1946, novelist Maurice Bendrix has a chance meeting with Henry Miles, husband of his ex-mistress Sarah, who abruptly ended their affair two years before. Bendrix's obsession with Sarah is rekindled; he succumbs to his own jealousy and arranges to have her followed.
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The End of the Affair 1999
Lost in La Mancha
  • Lost in La Mancha (2002)
  • Documentary, Foreign,
  • Fulton and Pepe's 2000 documentary captures Terry Gilliam's attempt to get The Man Who Killed Don Quixote off the ground. Back injuries, freakish storms, and more zoom in to sabotage the project (which has never been resurrected).
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Lost in La Mancha 2002
  • Shrooms (2007)
  • Horror, Foreign,
  • A group of American teens comes Ireland to visit an Irish school friend who takes them on a camping trip in search of the local, fabled magic mushrooms. When the hallucinations start taking hold, the panicked friends are attacked by ghostly creatures; never able to determine if they are experiencing gruesome reality or startling delirium.
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Shrooms 2007
Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Flies (1963)
  • Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Foreign,
  • A group of boys are marooned on an island after their plane crashes. With no adult survivors, they create their own "micro-society". Ralph is elected "chief", and he organises shelter and fire. Jack, the head of the choir takes his boys hunting for food (wild pigs). A bitter rivalry develops between Jack and Ralph as both want to be in charge. The "hunters" become savage and primal, under Jack's rule, while Ralph tries to keep his group civilised. The growing hostility between them leads to a bloody and frightening climax.
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Lord of the Flies 1963
The Keep
  • The Keep (1983)
  • Drama, Horror, Foreign,
  • Nazis take over a ancient fortress that contains a mysterious entity that wreaks havoc and death upon them.
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The Keep 1983
Wake Wood
  • Wake Wood (2011)
  • Drama, Horror, Thriller, Foreign,
  • The parents of a girl who was killed by a savage dog are granted the opportunity to spend three days with their deceased daughter.
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Wake Wood 2011
The Secret Life of Words
  • The Secret Life of Words (2005)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • A touching story of a deaf girl who is sent to an oil rig to take care of a man who has been blinded in a terrible accident. The girl has a special ability to communicate with the men on board and especially with her patient as they share intimate moments together that will change their lives forever.
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The Secret Life of Words 2005
  • Primal (2010)
  • Horror, Thriller, Foreign,
  • Anja and five friends join anthroplogy student, Dace, on a journey to study a remote, ancient rock painting. Their excitement vanishes when Mel becomes delirious after skinny-dipping in the waterhole. Feverish, bleeding, confused, she physically and mentally regresses to a vicious predatory state. Mel has gone primal. Mel’s lover and friends realise they are the prey as she savagely hunts them down. Before they can escape another one of them starts to regress, posing a hideous choice; kill their friends or be killed by them. Their only hope of survival is through a cave, where Anja learns too late the meaning of the ancient rock art they came to study.
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Primal 2010
  • Creation (2009)
  • Drama, History, Foreign,
  • A psychological, heart-wrenching love story that provides a unique and inside look at Charles Darwin. Torn between faith and science, he struggles to finish his legendary book "On the Origin of the Species," which goes on to become the foundation for evolutionary biology.
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Creation 2009
The Long Good Friday
  • The Long Good Friday (1980)
  • Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime, Foreign,
  • Harold, a prosperous English gangster, is about to close a lucrative new deal when bombs start showing up in very inconvenient places. A mysterious syndicate is trying to muscle in on his action, and Harold wants to know who they are. He finds out soon enough, and bloody mayhem ensues.
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The Long Good Friday 1980
Inside I'm Dancing
  • Inside I'm Dancing (2004)
  • Drama, Foreign,
  • Michael is a 24-year-old who has cerebral palsy and long-term resident of the Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled, run by the formidable Eileen. His life is transformed when the maverick Rory O'Shea moves in.
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Inside I'm Dancing 2004
  • Intimacy (2001)
  • Drama, Foreign,
  • Jay, a failed musician, walked out of his family and now earns a living as head bartender in a trendy London pub. Every Wednesday afternoon a woman comes to his house for graphic, almost wordless, sex. One day Jay follows her and finds out about the rest of her life (and that her name is Claire). This eventually disrupts their relationship.
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Intimacy 2001
  • Fire (1996)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • In a barren, arranged marriage to an amateur swami who seeks enlightenment through celibacy, Radha's life takes an irresistible turn when her beautiful young sister-in-law seeks to free herself from the confines of her own loveless marriage.
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Fire 1996
Curse of the Pink Panther
  • Curse of the Pink Panther (1983)
  • Comedy, Foreign,
  • Inspector Clouseau disappears, and the Surete wants the world's second best detective to look for him. However, Clouseau's enemy, Dreyfus, rigs the Surete's computer to select, instead, the world's WORST detective, NYPD Sgt. Clifton Sleigh. Sleigh obtusely bungles his way past assassins and corrupt officials as though he were Clouseau's American cousin.
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Curse of the Pink Panther 1983
Long Weekend
  • Long Weekend (2009)
  • Drama, Horror, Thriller, Foreign,
  • Mother Nature gets revenge on some careless campers in this remastered version of the Australian horror classic.
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Long Weekend 2009
Driving Lessons
  • Driving Lessons (2006)
  • Drama, Comedy, Foreign,
  • A coming of age story about a shy teenage boy trying to escape from the influence of his domineering mother. His world changes when he begins to work for a retired actress.
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Driving Lessons 2006
The Thief Lord
  • The Thief Lord (2006)
  • Adventure, Family, Foreign,
  • A tale about two young boys, Prosper and Bo, who flee to Venice after being orphaned and dumped in the care of a cruel auntie. Hiding in the canals and alleyways of the city, the boys are befriended by a gang of young urchins and their enigmatic leader, the Thief Lord. From their home base of an old cinema theater, the children steal from the rich to support themselves and soon capture the interest of a bumbling detective. However, a greater threat to the children is something from a forgotten past-- a beautiful magical treasure with the power to spin time itself
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The Thief Lord 2006
Les Misérables
  • Les Misérables (1978)
  • Drama, History, Romance, Foreign, TV Movie,
  • Jean Valjean, convicted of stealing bread, is hounded for decades by the relentless and cruel policeman Javert.
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Les Misérables 1978
  • Adulthood (2008)
  • Drama, Foreign,
  • The film picks up six years after the death of Trife (Aml Ameen) from the first film with the release of Sam (Noel Clarke) from jail where he has been for the past six and a half years for killing Trife. After being released, he goes to the cemetery where he visits Trife's tombstone where he is attacked by Trife's cousin.
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Adulthood 2008
  • Angel (2007)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • Edwardian England. A precocious girl from a poor background with aspirations to being a novelist finds herself swept to fame and fortune when her tasteless romances hit the best seller lists. Her life changes in unexpected ways when she encounters an aristocratic brother and sister, both of whom have cultural ambitions, and both of whom fall in love with her.
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Angel 2007
Scenes of a Sexual Nature
  • Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance, Foreign,
  • Sex and love. Some seek it, some need it, some spurn it and some pay for it, but we're all involved in it. Set on one afternoon on Hampstead Heath, London, the film investigates the minutiae of seven couples. What makes us tick?
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Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006
Goodbye Bafana
  • Goodbye Bafana (2007)
  • Drama, History, Foreign,
  • GOODBYE BAFANA is the true story of a white South African racist whose life was profoundly altered by the black prisoner he guarded for twenty years. The prisoner's name was Nelson Mandela.
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Goodbye Bafana 2007
The Comfort of Strangers
  • The Comfort of Strangers (1990)
  • Thriller, Romance, Foreign,
  • An Italian diplomat's son follows and seduces English lovers in Venice.
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The Comfort of Strangers 1990
Howling III: The Marsupials
  • Howling III: The Marsupials (1987)
  • Horror, Comedy, Foreign,
  • A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one. Is this a dangerous combination?
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Howling III: The Marsupials 1987
Red Mist
  • Red Mist (2008)
  • Horror, Thriller, Foreign,
  • A young doctor in a US hospital administers a powerful and untested cocktail of drugs to a coma victim. But instead of curing him, it triggers a powerful "out-of-body" experience and enables the patient - a depraved and dangerous loner - to inhabit other people's bodies and, through them, take revenge on the bullying medical students who were accidentally responsible for his condition.
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Red Mist 2008
Project Nim
  • Project Nim (2011)
  • Documentary, Foreign,
  • From the team behind Man on Wire comes the story of Nim, the chimpanzee who in the 1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language if raised and nurtured like a human child. Following Nim's extraordinary journey through human society, and the enduring impact he makes on the people he meets along the way, the film is an unflinching and unsentimental biography of an animal we tried to make human. What we learn about his true nature - and indeed our own - is comic, revealing and profoundly unsettling.
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Project Nim 2011
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