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EP1 One Shot Mar 04, 2021

Big Donny's senior drivers battle each other in the far north, while his most junior races to a hydro that plant can't restore power without her. When a competitor ups his game, Donny discovers his 'hotshotting' empire is under attack.

EP2 The Long Road Home Mar 11, 2021

Big Donny dispatches his entire crew to a challenging roadside crash recovery, but things go sideways when Craig is missing-in-action on the job. Angela struggles when she's sidelined after her truck breaks down on a hotshot mission.

EP3 Blood, Sweat, and Tears Mar 18, 2021

Dave and his daughter Alyssa struggle to recover a vintage ore cart from an abandoned copper mine; Angela struggles on what should be an easy job, and Dale goes on an epic hunt for furnace oil for Donny's shop.

EP4 Work Hard, Play Hard (Rule Breakers) Mar 25, 2021

After Angela accepts a job from Dave, Big Donny lures her away with a better offer; Dave tries to get back at him by buying a truck Donny wanted just so he can flip it to him for a profit; an overworked Junior convinces Craig to go for a joyride.

EP5 World's End Apr 01, 2021

In the Northwest Territories, Dale and Craig struggle to deliver essential goods to communities reeling from the pandemic, but keep getting derailed by personal demons; In B.C., Angela hustles to distribute a massive load of hand sanitizer.

EP6 Sour Note (In the Key of F#%$) Apr 08, 2021

Dale takes on river crossings and rocky mountain roads while hauling a piano by himself to a wealthy client with sky-high expectations; the engine in Dave's brand-new hotshot truck fails, leaving him a narrow window to replace it before the deadline.

EP7 No Escape Apr 15, 2021

Angela and Dave need to transport a tiny home from Saskatchewan to British Columbia in time for a wedding; Dave's obsessed with a military rotator that would expand his business, but he can't afford it unless he makes a devilish deal with Big Donny.

EP8 My Way or the Highway Apr 22, 2021

DescriptionDave and Angela are forced to put a recovery job with his new army rotator on hold, when they get a rescue call from a dangerous mountain trail; Dale and Craig renew their bad blood while on a mission together at a remote fire watchtower.
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Released: 04 March 2021 Returning Series
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Welcome to the crazy world of “hot-shot truckers” – a special breed of independent truckers who will haul anything, anywhere, at any time. In northern BC, two rival families and their crews as they tackle some of the most harrowing roads and dangerous off-road locations in their custom ‘monster’ trucks. These bands of maniacs will do anything to get the job done.

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