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EP1 Rebellion Jul 31, 2023

A leading member of the Sorcerer Shogun, Yngwie von Mattström conquers one city after another. Meanwhile, samurai masters try to secure food supplies.

EP2 Fate Jul 31, 2023

Samurai centurion Jorg Fishes faces off against Sorcerer Shogun Macapine Toni Strauss. Kall-Su reveals his sinister plans to rule the world.

EP3 Blue Storm Jul 31, 2023

The samurai corps brace themselves for the upcoming invasion. With no hope in sight, Yoko attempts a spell that comes at a heavy price.

EP4 Dawn Jul 31, 2023

The tables turn when a powerful ally makes a sudden appearance. Later, a defeated Macapine Toni Strauss lands in front of an unlikely survivor.

EP5 Ice and Snow Jul 31, 2023

Di-amon barges into Kall-Su's castle and stirs chaos. As Kall-Su's powers grow uncannily strong, Shella E,Lee notices that something is off.

EP6 Departure Jul 31, 2023

Kall-Su tasks demi-humans to deal with rioters, while he has grander plans for his Sorcerer Shoguns. Yoko deals with an untamed Dark Schneider.

EP7 Teleportation Jul 31, 2023

Yoko and crew learn about Kall-Su's sinister plans. Later, they are called to the basement of the castle and discover an ancient artifact.

EP8 Magic Land Jul 31, 2023

Left in the castle, Shella E, Lee learns the shocking truth. The Sorcerer Shogun experience unexpected turbulence on their way to King Crimson Glory.

EP9 Legend Jul 31, 2023

A young village boy listens to a bedtime story about the civilization that created Anthrasax. Meanwhile, Yoko and crew land in King Crimson Glory.

EP10 Distant Thunder Jul 31, 2023

Bol Gil Bol faces off against Dark Schneider. Gara and Macapine Toni Strauss face a threat. Arshes Nei dreams of her past.

EP11 Holy War I Jul 31, 2023

When a formidable opponent makes a sudden appearance, the samurai corps have a change of heart about Dark Schneider. Sheila finds herself in danger.

EP12 Holy War II Jul 31, 2023

A fierce showdown between the samurai corps and Sorcerer Shogun takes place. Kall-Su gets dangerously close to unlocking the final seal.

EP13 Holy War III Jul 31, 2023

Sheila experiences a sudden change in condition. Kall-Su and Dark Schneider unleash an epic battle of ice versus fire.

EP14 Holy War IV Jul 31, 2023

United over a common enemy, the samurai corps inspire the grieving Sorcerer Shogun with their unwavering spirit.

EP15 Gathering Jul 31, 2023

Unconscious within the beast, Kall-Su has flashbacks to his past. Determined to save his friend, Dark Schneider wields majestic powers like no other.
6.5| 0h30m| TV-MA| en| More Info
Released: 30 June 2022 Ended
Producted By: Warner Bros. Japan
Country: Japan
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When evil forces threaten to resurrect Anthrasax, the God of Destruction, the Kingdom of Meta-llicana calls on a volatile dark wizard for help.

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