D-Day: The Total Story


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EP1 D Minus 1 Jun 05, 1994

From the earliest plans to the tense pre-dawn hours leading up to the monumental attack, learn how the fate of the war ultimately hinged on one key strategy: surprise.

EP2 H-Hour Jan 01, 0001

From the bloody beaches to the towns beyond, relive the pivotal moments that marked the beginning of the end of World War II.

EP3 Breakout Jan 01, 0001

Six days after the initial invasion, the Allied forces form a united front against Hitler's Panzer-reinforced defenses.

EP4 Dwight D. Eisenhower: Supreme Commander in Chief Jan 01, 0001

From his childhood in Kansas to two successful terms as president, Biography® unveils the story of one man forged into greatness by the forces of history.

EP5 The True Story of the Screaming Eagles: 101st Airborne Jan 01, 0001

Features the men, battles and commanders that have made the division into one of the most celebrated forces in the annals of the U.S. military.

EP6 Dear Home: Letters From Wwii Jan 01, 0001

Harry Smith hosts this uniquely intimate portrait of World War II as told through the letters of soldiers, WACs, and others who were there.

EP7 Battle Stations: Sherman Assault Jan 01, 0001

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Released: 05 June 1994 Ended
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This is the ultimate chronicle of the largest amphibious invasion in history. The momentous decisions and tragic losses, pitched battles and desperate strategies come alive with extensive footage from both Allied and Axis government vaults and revealing interviews with soldiers, commanders and civilians. Trace the development of D-Day from the initial plans and strategies to the final breakthrough that sent Allied troops roaring to Paris. Follow the strategies of Eisenhower, Montgomery, Marshall and Bradley and the counter-attacks and defenses of their German opponents. See how the heroism and valor of individual men was vital to salvaging success from plans that went awry in the first few minutes. And get an incredible, front-line view of the pitched battles that sent so many men to their grave.

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