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Seasons & Episodes

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EP1 Food Brings Smiles. Transform! Cure Precious! Feb 06, 2022

EP2 Goodbye, Yui! Mari's Decision Feb 13, 2022

EP3 Kome-Kome on an Errand! Got Lost in a Mess! Feb 20, 2022

EP4 Growing Desire... Birth of Cure Spicy! Feb 27, 2022

EP5 Want to Get Close to Them...! Kokone's First Friends! Mar 06, 2022

EP6 School! Monster! Panic?! Fried Prawn Gets Attacked! Apr 17, 2022

EP7 Passion with High Heat! Sparkle, Cure Yum-Yum! Apr 24, 2022

EP8 Chururin Retires?! Off to Oishi-Na Town! May 01, 2022

EP9 Disagreeing Two? Combination of Kokone and Ran! May 08, 2022

EP10 Recipeppis, Don't Cry… Birth of the Heart Juicy Mixer! May 15, 2022

EP11 Gentlu's Trap! Yui and Ran Stuck with a Test?! May 22, 2022

EP12 A Teaspoonful of Hope! Gentlu's Heart May 29, 2022

EP13 Save Their Stolen Memories! Takumi's Secret Jun 05, 2022

EP14 First Love's Taste? Affections and Takumi's Answer Jun 12, 2022

EP15 So Thrilling! Kokone's First Picnic! Jun 19, 2022

EP16 Ran-Ran's Weird?! Meat Stew and a Lie Jun 26, 2022

EP17 The Fourth Pretty Cure?! Amane's Choice Jul 03, 2022

EP18 I Want to Become a Parfait! Shine! Cure Finale! Jul 10, 2022

EP19 Decoration! Presents for Her Brothers Jul 17, 2022

EP20 Table Manners with Amane! Restaurant Experience Jul 24, 2022

EP21 Save the Taste! Ran's Japanese Sweets Mission Jul 31, 2022

EP22 Black-pep's Retiring?! Find the Legendary Crepe Aug 07, 2022

EP23 Is Kokone Selfish? Unforgettable Doughnut Holes Aug 14, 2022

EP24 Who Cares about Kome-Kome? Tumultuous Pizza Party Aug 21, 2022

EP25 A New Phantom Thief?! Nikoniko Campground! Aug 28, 2022

EP26 Kokone's Promise! Challenging King Green Pepper Sep 04, 2022

EP27 Kome-Kome's Big Change?! Ran's Happiness Plan. Sep 11, 2022

EP28 Kome-Kome's Power to the Pretty Cures! Party Candle Takt! Sep 18, 2022

EP29 A Delicious Paradise! Let's Go to CooKingdom! Sep 25, 2022

EP30 Festival, Here We Go! Mari's Fried Noodle Oct 02, 2022

EP31 A Holiday in Oishi-Na Town. Princess Yui?! Oct 09, 2022

EP32 Slurp It! Noodle Fest. Find the Lost Udon! Oct 16, 2022

EP33 Be Pure and Just! Amane and Halloween Party Oct 23, 2022

EP34 Stubborn Grandpa! Oden After Baseball. Oct 30, 2022

EP35 Farewell to Kokone?! Feelings to Share Now. Nov 13, 2022

EP36 Ran's Debut?! Sparkling Gourmet Emotion! Nov 20, 2022

EP37 Suspicious Figure... Amane's Finale at School Fest! Nov 27, 2022

EP38 Meet Grandma?! Rice Ball and the Future's Baton. Dec 04, 2022

EP39 No Need to Cook?! How to Draw Smiles with Food. Dec 11, 2022

EP40 What I Can Do... Black Pepper and Takumi's Decision Dec 18, 2022

EP41 Merry Christmas! Something Fennel Holds Dear Dec 25, 2022

EP42 Godatz's Plot. Precious VS. Black Pepper Jan 08, 2023

EP43 Recipe-Bon Activated! Oishi-Na Town in Crisis Jan 15, 2023

EP44 Sharin' Energy! With Many Thanks Jan 22, 2023

EP45 Deliciousmile! Everyone, Get Together! Let's Eat! Jan 29, 2023

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Released: 06 February 2022 Ended
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The mysterious, delicious world of CooKingdom, which rules over all the cuisine in this world. CooKingdom has closely guarded the Recipe-Bon, in which it's written how to prepare any dish. But, oh no! One day, it gets stolen by the Bundoru Gang! The Bundoru Gang plans to monopolize everything for themselves, and their next target is the Cuisine Fairy Recipeppi... The Energy Fairies have come to Oishi-Na Town in the human world in search of the Recipe-Bon. With their help, an unexpected turn of events leads to three ordinary girls transforming into Pretty Cures!

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