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EP1 Mon 02 Jan 2023 Jan 02, 2023

Gabby is unimpressed when Kim warns her off of Nicky. Brenda tells shocked Nicola that she and Pollard are retiring. Bernice shows off her plans for the B&B.

EP2 Tue 03 Jan 2023 Jan 03, 2023

Leyla is highly strung as she juggles the stress of work. Dawn is wistful to learn she has missed out on all the fun. Bernice is chuffed when Pollard gives her the job.

EP3 Wed 04 Jan 2023 Jan 04, 2023

Leyla is left hugely conflicted. Marlon and Rhona are exasperated over April's attitude. Bernice and Bob bounce off each other.

EP4 Thu 05 Jan 2023 Jan 05, 2023

Dawn makes a drastic decision. Naomi confronts Rhona. Bernice is thwarted in her plans to get started at the B&B.

EP5 Fri 06 Jan 2023 Jan 06, 2023

Dawn and Kim argue, and it soon reaches boiling point. Mandy is livid, and Nicola drips poison about Naomi.

EP6 Mon 09 Jan 2023 Jan 09, 2023

There is tension between Rhona and Naomi, Bernice faces upset, and Dawn is thankful for an opportunity.

EP7 Tue 10 Jan 2023 Jan 10, 2023

The police pull Cain's loved ones in for questioning. The stakes are high at the farm. Kim is impressed when Gabby shows initiative.

EP8 Wed 11 Jan 2023 Jan 11, 2023

Things take a turn for the worse. Chloe has been taken to hospital. Rhona plans a surprise.

EP9 Thu 12 Jan 2023 Jan 12, 2023

Things get complicated for Mackenzie. Cathy and April are intrigued when Arthur forms a plan. Tensions remain between Chas and Cain.

EP10 Fri 13 Jan 2023 Jan 13, 2023

Laurel gives Gabby food for thought, there is drama for the Dingles, and it remains to be seen whether Mackenzie's efforts will backfire

EP11 Mon 16 Jan 2023 Jan 16, 2023

Ryan overhears a conversation, Kim is impressed by Gabby's pitch, and Amy and Chloe make amends.

EP12 Tue 17 Jan 2023 Jan 17, 2023

Gabby takes her celebrations too far. Ryan asks Chloe some difficult questions. Bernice is furious with Mandy.

EP13 Wed 18 Jan 2023 Jan 18, 2023

Gabby is mortified. Nicola encourages Bernice to make a huge investment. Will comforts upset Dawn.

EP14 Thu 19 Jan 2023 Jan 19, 2023

It is the day of Kyle's hearing. Paddy feels isolated. Mandy has a plan for Chas.

EP15 Fri 20 Jan 2023 Jan 20, 2023

Bear is concerned about Paddy. Leyla is panicked. An unsure Mary shows Rodney her dating app.

EP16 Mon 23 Jan 2023 Jan 23, 2023

Priya revisits her trauma, Vinny lashes out, and Mary goes on a date.

EP17 Tue 24 Jan 2023 Jan 24, 2023

Priya makes a big decision. Leyla is hurt. Bob is at the end of his tether.

EP18 Wed 25 Jan 2023 Jan 25, 2023

David is determined to take control. Rishi is crestfallen. Cathy opens up to Bernice.

EP19 Thu 26 Jan 2023 Jan 26, 2023

Priya makes a horrifying conclusion. Cathy seeks help. And it remains to be seen whether it is third time lucky for Mary.

EP20 Fri 27 Jan 2023 Jan 27, 2023

David tries to make things right. Will makes an accusation. Marlon reassures Mary.

EP21 Mon 30 Jan 2023 Jan 30, 2023

Will confronts Sam about his missing watch. Marshall stands up for Arthur. Kim is left frustrated.

EP22 Tue 31 Jan 2023 Jan 31, 2023

Kim apologises. Bob and Bernice have a plan. Noah makes a discovery.

EP23 Wed 01 Feb 2023 Feb 01, 2023

Charity receives a shocking phone call. Bernice accuses Nicola of being a traitor. Laurel makes a shocking discovery.

EP24 Thu 02 Feb 2023 Feb 02, 2023

Charity has an emotional day. Chas is devastated. Cain hears some home truths.

EP25 Fri 03 Feb 2023 Feb 03, 2023

Moira disappoints Caleb. Ethan gets some news. Laurel is concerned for Arthur.

EP26 Mon 06 Feb 2023 Feb 06, 2023

Naomi has a plan to help Ethan. Bob attempts to keep the peace. Bear tries to get Paddy back on the horse.

EP27 Tue 07 Feb 2023 Feb 07, 2023

Mandy is concerned for Paddy. Ethan is shocked. Chas is taken aback.

EP28 Wed 08 Feb 2023 Feb 08, 2023

Mandy consoles Paddy. Mack is haunted by his guilt. Brenda feels awkward.

EP29 Thu 09 Feb 2023 Feb 09, 2023

Sarah overhears a big secret. Bob ruins Cathy's party. Samson is intrigued.

EP30 Fri 10 Feb 2023 Feb 10, 2023

Bob is determined. Chas is furious with Caleb's interference. Mandy feels guilty.

EP31 Mon 13 Feb 2023 Feb 13, 2023

April forms a plan to keep Marlon safe. Amelia suggests Samson spends time with Esther. Caleb winds up Will.

EP32 Tue 14 Feb 2023 Feb 14, 2023

Will is angry about Caleb continuing to take liberties. Noah is unconvinced about Samson. April searches for ways to keep Marlon safe.

EP33 Wed 15 Feb 2023 Feb 15, 2023

It is tense between Will and Cain. Victoria is shocked by Amy's plan. Noah's insecurities over Samson rise.

EP34 Thu 16 Feb 2023 Feb 16, 2023

Cain feasts on Will's despair. Marcus arrives home from a failed date with Ethan. A grieving Vinny emotionally toasts to Liv's 21st birthday.

EP35 Fri 17 Feb 2023 Feb 17, 2023

The Dingles struggle. Marcus is shocked to see Ethan getting into a stranger's car. Naomi catches up with Victoria about her relationship struggles.

EP36 Mon 20 Feb 2023 Feb 20, 2023

Marcus is hiding a secret guilt, Cathy has a frustrated outburst, Naomi breaks up with Nate.

EP37 Tue 21 Feb 2023 Feb 21, 2023

Cathy reaches boiling point, Samson continues to sow discontent between Noah and Amelia, and Gabby becomes frustrated when her advances towards Nicky keep getting brushed off.

EP38 Wed 21 Feb 2023 Feb 22, 2023

There is a shock in store for Bob and Bernice. Dan struggles with not being able to support his family financially. Gabby finally ignites a spark with Nicky.

EP39 Thu 23 Feb 2023 Feb 23, 2023

Sam gets himself into trouble, Bob is horrified, and Jai urges Jacob to reach out to Leyla to help with her recovery.

EP40 Fri 24 Feb 2023 Feb 24, 2023

Will's trust in Caleb grows. Sam and Lydia try to come up with a plan. Amelia is gutted when her attempt to connect with Samson is thwarted.

EP41 Mon 27 Feb 2023 Feb 27, 2023

Noah begrudgingly agrees to give a smug Samson more money. Leyla misinterprets Jai's warmth as she leans in to kiss him, which Laurel spies.

EP42 Tue 28 Feb 2023 Feb 28, 2023

Paddy's facade crumbles as he is left utterly bereft and broken. Suzy agrees to step in and support Leyla.

EP43 Thu 02 Mar 2023 Mar 02, 2023

Marlon is distressed, and Amy tries to stay strong for a terrified Kyle, whose solicitor phones with big news.

EP44 Fri 03 Mar 2023 Mar 03, 2023

The search for Paddy continues. Amy spontaneously proposes to Matty. Dawn is utterly thrown to see Alex and Naomi flirting.

EP45 Mon 06 Mar 2023 Mar 06, 2023

Things take a turn for the worse after a violent altercation between Carl and Kyle, leaving Nicola threatening to call the police. Charles is unhappy about Naomi's relationship with Alex, so Manpreet advises him to try some reverse psychology. Chas worries about Paddy's road to recovery.

EP46 Tue 07 Mar 2023 Mar 07, 2023

Cain realises at the locals see Kyle's violence as a reflection of his parenting, prompting him to make a big decision. Marlon is desperate to help his friend, while Rishi has a mystery crisp-eating intruder.

EP47 Wed 08 Mar 2023 Mar 08, 2023

Laurel is determined to do the right thing by Marshall, after learning the truth about his relationship with his father. Marlon tries again with Paddy. The identity of Rishi's intruder is revealed.

EP48 Thu 9 Mar 2023 Mar 09, 2023

A few of the locals enjoy a big night out, where Victoria tries to set Ethan up - only to realise that the prospective man is actually interested in her. Amy comes to a decision, and Leyla confronts Callum - will she regret it?

EP49 Fri 10 Mar 2023 Mar 10, 2023

The men of the village gather in the Woolpack for a late-night lock-in, hoping they can talk through their problems while also giving Paddy a chance to finally open up about his difficulties. But the vet is not sure he can face joining his well-meaning friends.

EP50 Mon 13 Mar 2023 Mar 13, 2023

Callum attacks Suzy. Marshall is grateful to Jai and Laurel. Amy and Matty break the news of their engagement.

EP51 Tue 14 Mar 2023 Mar 14, 2023

Leyla acts on some advice. Colin tries to manipulate his son, Marshall. Manpreet advises Charles on Alex.

EP52 Wed 15 Mar 2023 Mar 15, 2023

Plot of this episode is not specified yet.
Please check back later for more update.

EP53 Thu 16 Mar 2023 Mar 16, 2023

Marshall seems confused. Charles puts his foot in it with Naomi. Jimmy opens up at the man club meeting.

EP54 Fri 17 Mar 2023 Mar 17, 2023

Plot of this episode is not specified yet.
Please check back later for more update.

EP55 Mon 20 Mar 2023 Mar 20, 2023

Bob is worried for his daughter. Mary enjoys her date with Faye. Alex acts suspiciously.

EP56 Tue 21 Mar 2023 Mar 21, 2023

Alex shows his true colours. Sarah and Chloe return to the village. Paddy makes plans.

EP57 Wed 22 Mar 2023 Mar 22, 2023

Alex plans his robbery. Moira has some questions for Mack. Paddy gets a lovely offer.

EP58 Thu 23 Mar 2023 Mar 23, 2023

Moira reveals the theme for the Stag and Hen do. Dan is determined to help Amelia, and Liam may have bitten off more than he can chew.

EP59 Fri 24 Mar 2023 Mar 24, 2023

Dawn is aghast that Naomi has fallen for Alex. Paddy is still struggling. Noah is outraged by Samson's attitude

EP60 Mon 27 Mar 2023 Mar 27, 2023

Amelia is pleased Samson is taking an interest in Esther. Alex is comfortable in his new life, and it remains to be seen whether Mackenzie is being honest with himself.

EP61 Tue 28 Mar 2023 Mar 28, 2023

Charity attempts to get to the bottom of Noah's issue. Mackenzie and Chloe argue. Alex plots his next move.

EP62 Wed 29 Mar 2023 Mar 29, 2023

Noah comes clean to Amelia. Charles tries to convince Alex to fight for his kids. Gabby is happy her relationship is getting serious.

EP63 Thu 30 Mar 2023 Mar 30, 2023

Billy and Dawn attend the custody court, Alex makes his move, and Paddy needs a friend.

EP64 Fri 31 Mar 2023 Mar 31, 2023

Amelia gets two offers. Gabby and Nicky have lots to say. An arrest is made.

EP65 Mon 03 Apr 2023 Apr 03, 2023

Nicky and Gabby reveal that they are in a relationship, and eventually he pops the question. Kim is seething.

EP66 Tue 04 Apr 2023 Apr 04, 2023

Kim is left simmering, and Gabby threatens to remove Thomas from her life. Caleb and Leyla flirt.

EP67 Wed 05 Apr 2023 Apr 05, 2023

Leyla receives some shocking news. Faye and Mary open up to each other. Rhona's ex-husband arrives.

EP68 Thu 06 Apr 2023 Apr 06, 2023

Leyla receives some shocking news. Faye and Mary open up to each other. Rhona's ex-husband arrives.

EP69 Fri 07 Apr 2023 Apr 07, 2023

Caleb is determined to fix things with Kim. Rhona is in shock at Gus's request. Faye thinks Mary has stood her up.

EP70 Mon 10 Apr 2023 Apr 10, 2023

There is an unwelcome guest at Rhona's birthday lunch. Kim makes Caleb an offer. Mary is thrilled to see Faye fitting in with the family.

EP71 Tue 11 Apr 2023 Apr 11, 2023

Rhona has a big decision to make. Caleb impresses Kim. Amelia struggles.

EP72 Wed 12 Apr 2023 Apr 12, 2023

Paddy spends time with his family. Leyla is worried about her decision. Will is still distrusting of Caleb.

EP73 Thu 13 Apr 2023 Apr 13, 2023

Chas opens up to Paddy. Amelia speaks to Manpreet about her health concerns. Mandy tries to hide her true feelings.

EP74 Fri 14 Apr 2023 Apr 14, 2023

Mandy is grateful for Vinny's support. Paddy and Bear bond on a fishing trip. Bernice is embarrassed.

EP75 Mon 17 Apr 2023 Apr 17, 2023

Noah tries to reassure Amelia. Chas is taken aback. Bernice is shocked to hear some home truths.

EP76 Tue 18 Apr 2023 Apr 18, 2023

Charity's paranoia gets the better of her. Samson tries to apologise to Amelia. Bernice seizes the opportunity.

EP77 Wed 19 Apr 2023 Apr 19, 2023

Charity and Mackenzie are arrested. Nicky's plan backfires. Bernice is crushed.

EP78 Thu 20 Apr 2023 Apr 20, 2023

Chas opens up to Paddy. Amelia speaks to Manpreet about her health concerns. Mandy tries to hide her true feelings.

EP79 Fri 21 Apr 2023 Apr 21, 2023

Laurel senses that something is not right, Wendy offers advice to Brenda, and Nicky makes a promise to Caleb.

EP80 Mon 24 Apr 2023 Apr 24, 2023

Nicky gets himself in trouble with Cain. Chloe struggles with motherhood. Caleb is furious with Nicky.

EP81 Tue 25 Apr 2023 Apr 25, 2023

Mary is eager to help Faye. Cathy is desperate. Gabby is shocked.

EP82 Wed 26 Apr 2023 Apr 26, 2023

Marshall and Cathy try to numb their pain. Bob and Laurel make a discovery. Caleb is relieved.

EP83 Thu 27 Apr 2023 Apr 27, 2023

Laurel makes a shocking discovery. Faye makes Mary an offer. Cathy makes a big decision.

EP84 Fri 28 Apr 2023 Apr 28, 2023

Chas makes Caleb an offer. Tom and Belle arrange a date. Rhona struggles.

EP85 Mon 01 May 2023 May 01, 2023

Mary is affronted by Suzy's claims. Arthur and Marshall agree to go on their first date. Cathy says a tearful goodbye.

EP86 Tue 02 May 2023 May 02, 2023

Mary is left in danger, Belle is guarded, and Nicola is inquisitive.

EP87 Wed 03 May 2023 May 03, 2023

Chloe breaks some news to Mackenzie. Nicky is incredulous by Caleb's new move. Jimmy has an awkward reunion.

EP88 Thu 04 May 2023 May 04, 2023

Reuben is taken to hospital. Paddy and Chas share a moment. Sam is not happy.

EP89 Fri 05 May 2023 May 05, 2023

Paddy struggles with his grief. Amy comforts Chloe. Chas is supportive.

EP90 Mon 08 May 2023 May 08, 2023

Paddy worries about how he is handling things. Nate worries Mack is deluding himself. An excited Gabby celebrates getting an official wedding date.

EP91 Tue 09 May 2023 May 09, 2023

Mack reaches breaking point. Wretched Paddy apologises to Mandy. Nicky is horrified.

EP92 Wed 10 May 2023 May 10, 2023

Will sets his sights on retribution. Kim confronts Cain. Vinny urges Mandy to move forward.

EP93 Thu 11 May 2023 May 11, 2023

Charity is soon hit with a realisation. Paddy attends a man club away from the village. Kim worries where Caleb's loyalties will lie.

EP94 Fri 12 May 2023 May 12, 2023

Charity's world crumbles. Mack and Sarah are concerned. Chloe is unnerved.

EP95 Mon 15 May 2023 May 15, 2023

Mack is shamed as Moira pieces his months of lies together, but her words eventually leave him spurred-on to fix things with Charity. Kim is fully on board with Caleb's plan to convince Moira to sell them Butlers.

EP96 Tue 16 May 2023 May 16, 2023

Caleb continues to be an interested observer of Moira's financial hardship, hoping he can eventually persuade her to sell. Ryan and Chas worry about Charity. Wendy is left suspicious.

EP97 Wed 17 May 2023 May 17, 2023

Nicky is stressed after several erroneous attempts to enter Kim's password almost lock her laptop and he tells Caleb they need to find another way. Cain is left in shock when Moira admits defeat in her battle to keep the farm afloat. Jimmy is crushed after an inadvertent mention of Carl causes Tom to flee the scrapyard.

EP98 Thu 18 May 2023 May 18, 2023

Moira swallows her pride and tells Kim to make an offer for her land. Caleb feels the pressure mounting. Wendy and Liam bond after she discovers a secret about him.

EP99 Fri 19 May 2023 May 19, 2023

Liam is taken aback when Wendy blatantly lies to Bob so she can come to a murder mystery convention with him. Bob and Bernice find themselves at loggerheads. Mandy only has eyes for one man - so Paddy had better watch out.

EP100 Mon 22 May 2023 May 22, 2023

Caleb celebrates as the malware on Kim's computer gives him access to her bank accounts, while Nicky is under pressure to persuade Gabby to bring their wedding forward. Wendy and Liam get closer - as do Bob and Bernice. Belle plots to get her uncle and nephew together.

EP101 Tue 23 May 2023 May 23, 2023

Gabby asks Bernice to walk her down the aisle at her wedding to Nicky as she remains in the dark about his secret. The guilt of cheating on Bob weighs heavy on Wendy, while he struggles to cope with his feelings after his near-kiss with Bernice. Jimmy makes the mistake of telling Tom the truth about his dad.

EP102 Wed 24 May 2023 May 24, 2023

Bernice tells Bob he needs to show Wendy he cares about their relationship. But both parties seem to be hiding from the truth. Belle is determined to be open about her past with Tom, only for her confession to indirectly lead to a confrontation between Tom and Jimmy.

EP103 Thu 25 May 2023 May 25, 2023

Nicola tells Jimmy he did the right thing cutting Tom out of his life as his anguish over his nephew is now affecting the rest of his family. Manpreet has a quarrel with a woman in the cafe - but is horrified when she finds out who it is. Ryan is shocked by the arrival of a face from the past.

EP104 Fri 26 May 2023 May 26, 2023

Charles's mother Claudette takes every opportunity to hurt Manpreet's feelings off the back of yesterday's complaints. Ryan and Gail are embarrassed when Charity catches them after they've spent the night together. Tom tries to make amends with Belle.

EP105 Mon 29 May 2023 May 29, 2023

Manpreet becomes suspicious about Claudette. Wendy upsets Liam. Ryan and Gail become exclusive with each other.

EP106 Tue 30 May 2023 May 30, 2023

Jimmy and Tom agree to a fresh start. Claudette stirs the pot. Wendy and Bob feel guilty.

EP107 Wed 31 May 2023 May 31, 2023

Mack and Chloe are bolstered by their growing friendship. Dan worries about his finances. Gabby is stressed about the wedding.

EP108 Thu 01 Jun 2023 Jun 01, 2023

Amy questions Chloe over her intentions with Mackenzie. Amelia is determined to earn some income. Belle opens up about her struggles with mental health.

EP109 Fri 02 Jun 2023 Jun 02, 2023

Nicky begins to feel the pressure building, and agrees to meet Ally in private. Mack is left reeling.

EP110 Mon 05 Jun 2023 Jun 05, 2023

Preparations are underway for the big wedding. Caleb can see the finish line. Sarah is worried by what Chloe has planned.

EP111 Tue 06 Jun 2023 Jun 06, 2023

Nicky has an admission, Bear misreads the signals, and the locals celebrate Sarah's 18th birthday.

EP112 Wed 07 Jun 2023 Jun 07, 2023

There is a wedding day drama, Charity offers an olive branch, and Claudette irritates Charles, but it remains to be seen what else is bothering him.

EP113 Thu 08 Jun 2023 Jun 08, 2023

Sarah's friend and family gather to throw a secret party for her 18th birthday. Paddy is stunned by what he learns. Mackenzie and Chloe create tensions.

EP114 Fri 09 Jun 2023 Jun 09, 2023

Charles is troubled. Charity is hurt by what she witnessed. Gabby wants vengeance.

EP115 Mon 12 Jun 2023 Jun 12, 2023

The Dingle Court convenes. Caleb has to go. Feelings bubble between Mackenzie and Chloe.

EP116 Tue 13 Jun 2023 Jun 13, 2023

Gabby needs the support of her family. Lonely souls unite. Chloe is thrilled.

EP117 Wed 14 Jun 2023 Jun 14, 2023

A shock revelation creates pandemonium in the pub. Mack has a choice to make. Enemies are made.

EP118 Thu 15 Jun 2023 Jun 15, 2023

The villagers unite against Caleb, who is pushed, but it remains to be seen by who. Tom has a plan.

EP119 Fri 16 Jun 2023 Jun 16, 2023

Caleb is sprawled on the woodland floor. Charles is frustrated. Ryan attempts to help spiraling Charity.

EP120 Mon 19 Jun 2023 Jun 19, 2023

The family watches over Caleb in a coma, detectives question the suspects, and an arrest is made.

EP121 Tue 20 Jun 2023 Jun 20, 2023

Mackenzie panics, Chas is upset, and Mandy returns to chaos.

EP122 Wed 21 Jun 2023 Jun 21, 2023

Mandy confesses her fears. Belle keeps her secret from Tom. Amelia is excited by her new project.

EP123 Thu 22 Jun 2023 Jun 22, 2023

There are fears for Belle, Amelia is unnerved, and Marlon gives Paddy a pep talk.

EP124 Fri 23 Jun 2023 Jun 23, 2023

Amy encourages Chloe despite misgivings. Vinny has a plan. Jai and Laurel have holiday money worries.

EP125 Mon 26 Jun 2023 Jun 26, 2023

Laurel gets down on one knee, Jai uncovers a secret, and Amelia is eager to please.

EP126 Tue 27 Jun 2023 Jun 27, 2023

Rambling Rishi upsets Jai. Dan is furious with his daughter. Wendy is jealous.

EP127 Wed 28 Jun 2023 Jun 28, 2023

Jai discovers Manpreet was in on the secret. Noah is horrified by what he sees on Amelia's phone. Bernice and Bob fight their attraction.

EP128 Thu 29 Jun 2023 Jun 29, 2023

Victoria is suspicious. A man watches Amelia with an intense and greedy interest. Archie heads out on a secret mission.

EP129 Fri 30 Jun 2023 Jun 30, 2023

Dan puts his foot down and rings the police. Wendy has a decision to make. Nate makes a mysterious phone call.

EP130 Mon 3 Jul 2023 Jul 03, 2023

Dan has a visit from the police, Rishi is hopeful for a reconciliation with Jai, and it's Tracy's wedding day, but it remains to be seen who she is marrying.

EP131 Tue 4 Jul 2023 Jul 04, 2023

Victor encourages Naomi, Dan apologises to Amelia, and Leyla and Suzy are blindsided by some news.

EP132 Wed 5 Jul 2023 Jul 05, 2023

Dan snaps, Vinny makes Naomi an offer, and Cain makes an apology.

EP133 Thu 6 Jul 2023 Jul 06, 2023

Naomi is humiliated, Dawn gives Billy some exciting news, and Amelia is in denial.

EP134 Fri 07 Jul 2023 Jul 07, 2023

Amelia's worries are heightened, Charity and Marlon are peeved, and Gabby is not in the mood for celebrating.

EP135 Mon 10 Jul 2023 Jul 10, 2023

Charity ignores Marlon's pleas and Dan is taken for further questioning. Dawn and Billy have an emotional moment.

EP136 Tue 11 Jul 2023 Jul 11, 2023

Amelia makes a shocking discovery. Charity makes a decision. Billy and Dawn are united.

EP137 Wed 12 Jul 2023 Jul 12, 2023

Dawn and Billy are worried for Clemmie. Suni is instantly smitten. Dan is gutted.

EP138 Thu 13 Jul 2023 Jul 13, 2023

Cain and Paddy help Dan. Marlon has a difficult conversation to make. Tracy is made up.

EP139 Fri Jul 14 2023 Jul 14, 2023

Gabby lays into Nicky. Mary has some news. Dan's brave facade slips.

EP140 Mon 17 Jul 2023 Jul 17, 2023

Mary is blackmailed. Manpreet urges Rishi to give his son the full story. Gabby tries to come up with a revenge plot.

EP141 Tue 18 Jul 2023 Jul 18, 2023

Rhona is heartbroken to see her mum so vulnerable. Bob motivates Tracy, and Laurel convinces Jai.

EP142 Wed 19 Jul 2023 Jul 19, 2023

Mary is torn, Caleb makes Tracy an offer, and Wendy is alarmed when Bob nearly catches her out.

EP143 Thu 20 Jul 2023 Jul 20, 2023

Cain tells Moira it is time for a tough choice. Arthur is heartbroken. Jai has a surprise stag do.

EP144 Fri 21 Jul 2023 Jul 21, 2023

Suni comforts Rishi. Gabby upsets Arthur. Nicola offers some words of support.

EP145 Mon 24 Jul 2023 Jul 24, 2023

Liam surprises Wendy. Moira is sad for a gutted Nate. Bernice tells Bob some shocking news.

EP146 Tue 25 Jul 2023 Jul 25, 2023

Bob's anger starts to rise. Arthur interferes with Rishi and Jai. Charles is troubled.

EP147 Wed 26 Jul 2023 Jul 26, 2023

Jai has a surprise. Wendy worries she has blown it. Things are awkward between Nicky and Suni.

EP148 Thu 27 Jul 2023 Jul 27, 2023

Laurel and Jai's wedding day proves eventful. Claudette confronts Charles. Noah is worried for Amelia.

EP149 Fri 28 Jul 2023 Jul 28, 2023

Cain attempts to lighten the mood. Manpreet worries for Charles. Bob lashes out.

EP150 Mon 31 Jul 2023 Jul 31, 2023

Dan's mind races, and Wendy tells him they might be bringing Lloyd out of his coma. Claudette is worried when weary Victor collapses.

EP151 Tue 01 Aug 2023 Aug 01, 2023

Amelia is in turmoil, Nate is left feeling like a failure, and Nicola is excited to hear her new bus stop is finished.

EP152 Wed 02 Aug 2023 Aug 02, 2023

Terrified Amelia braces herself to make a statement to the police. Cain is annoyed when Nate refuses extra work. Nicky and Suni are left feeling wretched when Gabby catches them kissing.

EP153 Thu 03 Aug 2023 Aug 03, 2023

Dan is stressed as he waits for his hearing to start. Nate is thwarted as Caleb buys his silence. Drunk Gabby tries to land a punch on Nicky.

EP154 Fri 04 Aug 2023 Aug 04, 2023

Amelia is unable to face her father after his guilty plea. Nate threatens to tell Cain everything about Caleb's business. Gabby has to cover her awkwardness with Billy.

EP155 Mon 07 Aug 2023 Aug 07, 2023

Laurel and Jai's plans are jeopardised. Nate taps into a way of making extra money. Amelia wants them to flee but Dan disagrees.

EP156 Tue 08 Aug 2023 Aug 08, 2023

Laurel decides to join Jai in India but is captured by Colin. Nate double deals. Dan makes a decision about his future.

EP157 Wed 09 Aug 2023 Aug 09, 2023

Colin's unstable behaviour escalates. Dan asks Cain for help. Tracy thinks that Nate is doing well at work.

EP158 Thu 10 Aug 2023 Aug 10, 2023

Laurel is terrified, Dan and Amelia set off after saying their veiled goodbyes, and it remains to be seen whether Nate will escape the dodgy double dealing.

EP159 Fri 11 Aug 2023 Aug 11, 2023

There's confusion at the B and B as Bob shows his darker side. Noah is taken aback by some news. Lydia has an idea.

EP160 Mon 14 Aug 2023 Aug 14, 2023

Bob is still angry about Liam and Wendy - with devastating results. The villagers are in a state of shock, leaving Wendy and Liam feeling guilty.

EP161 Tue 15 Aug 2023 Aug 15, 2023

Sam finds an old doll's house that stirs up memories for Lydia, Marlon is apprehensive at the prospect of collecting his specially adapted car and Rhona encourages Mary to get back on the dating scene.

EP162 Wed 16 Aug 2023 Aug 16, 2023

The Dingles celebrate Sam's birthday, although Lydia worries about money and is despondent when Kim rejects her proposal for more hours. Mary puts on a brave face.

EP163 Thu 17 Aug 2023 Aug 17, 2023

Lydia goes to the Hide recruitment fair in search of a new job - but gets more than she bargained for when she bumps into a face from the past. Mary is cagey about her date.

EP164 Fri 18 Aug 2023 Aug 18, 2023

Mack is surprised to hear Chloe planned a christening for Reuben but he quickly offers his support. Paddy tries to avoid Marlon.

EP165 Mon 21 Aug 2023 Aug 21, 2023

Marlon is nervous while Mary is fibbing. Chloe and Mack choose Godparents for their baby. Lydia catches up with Craig again.

EP166 Tue 22 Aug 2023 Aug 22, 2023

Rhona feels the pressure, Samson is in awe, and tensions simmer between Victor and Charles.

EP167 Wed 23 Aug 2023 Aug 23, 2023

Mackenzie asks Charity for a favour. Rhona finally snaps, wanting a solution to her woes. Samson asks for work experience.

EP168 Thu 24 Aug 2023 Aug 24, 2023

It is the day of the Christening and Moira imparts some sisterly advice. Sam feels insignificant around Craig. It is face your fears day.

EP169 Fri 25 Aug 2023 Aug 25, 2023

Manpreet make another request. Wendy worries about Bob's health. Bernice and Nicola plan a competition.

EP170 Mon 28 Aug 2023 Aug 28, 2023

Plot of this episode is not specified yet.
Please check back later for more update.

EP171 Tue 29 Aug 2023 Aug 29, 2023

Claudette is horrified by Victor's betrayal. Nate is starting to get in too deep. Charity accepts Gail's dare.

EP172 Wed 30 Aug 2023 Aug 30, 2023

Nate is alarmed that Chas knows about the business. Awkward Liam arrives for his date with Charity. Gabby is back from her holiday.

EP173 Thu 31 Aug 2023 Aug 31, 2023

There is trouble for Nate and Caleb. Suni jumps at an opportunity. Amelia is disheartened.

EP174 Fri 01 Sep 2023 Sep 01, 2023

Lydia is exasperated by Sam. Claudette asks a favour of Charles. Suni starts work, causing Gabby to react badly.

EP175 Mon 04 Sep 2023 Sep 04, 2023

Craig hopes he can talk to Lydia about their past, and they share a moment. Caleb attempts to broker peace between warring Nate and Cain.

EP176 Tue 05 Sep 2023 Sep 05, 2023

Craig sexually assaults Lydia. Caleb makes his entry into the family official. Belle is thrown to see a hint of chemistry between Dawn and Tom.

EP177 Wed 06 Sep 2023 Sep 06, 2023

Caleb is amused when Cain ropes him in to help with work at the garage. Belle is disheartened when her date is interrupted. Dawn requires Tom's help.

EP178 Thu 07 Sep 2023 Sep 07, 2023

There is tension between Belle and Dawn. Tom is attacked. Charles packs his bag.

EP179 Mon 11 Sep 2023 Sep 11, 2023

Lydia struggles in the aftermath of her ordeal, a grieving Claudette admits that she needed Charles' support, and Gabby insists on selling up.

EP180 Tue 12 Sep 2023 Sep 12, 2023

Amelia settles in living with Chas, while Cain asks if Caleb would like to get out of town, and is determined to keep the reason for their road trip a secret.

EP181 Wed 13 Sep 2023 Sep 13, 2023

Cathy is officially diagnosed and blindsides Bob, while Cain and Caleb make a pact to stick together.

EP182 Thu 14 Sep 2023 Sep 14, 2023

Cathy takes her anger out on her family, Bob feels a twinge in his chest, and Chloe is thrilled when Mack suggests going on a date.

EP183 Fri 15 Sep 2023 Sep 15, 2023

David admits that his feelings for Victoria are burgeoning once again, Jacob is not happy, and Cathy jumps to conclusions.

EP184 Mon 18 Sep 2023 Sep 18, 2023

Jacob has an allergic reaction, Amelia is left stunned, and Sam feels that Lydia is pushing him away.

EP185 Tue 19 Sep 2023 Sep 19, 2023

Leyla is furious, Craig continues to use Samson, and Bob reconnects with Wendy.

EP186 Wed 20 Sep 2023 Sep 20, 2023

Lydia has her say, Gail receives a mysterious phone call, and Cathy is pleased to confirm her date with Samson.

EP187 Thu 21 Sep 2023 Sep 21, 2023

Gail makes a mysterious phone call and is shaken, and Kim is delighted with Gabby's news.

EP188 Fri 22 Sep 2023 Sep 22, 2023

Mandy worries about Lydia, Chloe has her doubts, and Gail is daunted for the day ahead.

EP189 Mon 25 Sep 2023 Sep 25, 2023

Amy is shocked by Chloe's news, Mack has a question, and it remains to be seen whether Ryan can forgive Rachel.

EP190 Tue 26 Sep 2023 Sep 26, 2023

Charles expresses his anger, while Chas finds it hard to conceal her jealousy, and Tom is left in a state of devastation.

EP191 Wed 27 Sep 2023 Sep 27, 2023

Plot of this episode is not specified yet.
Please check back later for more update.

EP192 Thu 28 Sep 2023 Sep 28, 2023

Charles expresses his anger, while Chas finds it hard to conceal her jealousy, and Tom is left in a state of devastation.

EP193 Fri 29 Sep 2023 Sep 29, 2023

Manpreet is stressed, Marlon offers reassurance to Chas, and Tom brings some positive news.

EP194 Monday October 2 2023 Oct 02, 2023

Chas is struggling, Tom and Belle prepare to start their new life, and it remains to be seen whether Claudette will forgive her son.

EP195 Tuesday October 3 2023 Oct 03, 2023

Chas puts her foot in it, Charles tries to apologise to Tom, while Cain and Caleb plot.

EP196 Wednesday October 4 2023 Oct 04, 2023

Craig manipulates Samson, Mandy is determined, and Charity's facade soon breaks.

EP197 Thursday October 5 2023 Oct 05, 2023

Kim tries to help, Cain and Caleb are on mysterious business, and Chloe is glad of Charity's assistance.

EP198 Friday October 6 2023 Oct 06, 2023

Moira is suspicious, Jai makes a confession, and Charity confronts Mackenzie.
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Released: 16 October 1972 Returning Series
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The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village. With murders, affairs, lies, deceit, laughter and tears, it's all there in the village.

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