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EP1 Norrie's First Day Sep 05, 2022

Norrie and her friends reflect on their first meeting and how Norrie enjoyed the peace of the Clubhouse away from her 72 siblings.

EP2 The Moving Badge Sep 05, 2022

Snail wishes to leave her wet and sploshy house behind and move up in the world to a new home with more space. But first, she needs help from the Squirrels to move all her belongings.

EP3 Roly's First Day Sep 06, 2022

Roly has always been loud, right? Well, on his first day in the Clubhouse he was rather quiet. Hiding behind his dad, he couldn't even talk to Duggee.

EP4 The Spot the Difference Badge Sep 06, 2022

Duggee looks different, but what is it? By playing some looking games, the Squirrels learn how best to spot the difference.

EP5 Happy's First Day Sep 07, 2022

It’s Happy’s first day at the Squirrel Club, and he is so excited. But there’s a surprise for Happy because there was once a time when he didn’t love water as much as he does now.

EP6 The Library Badge Sep 07, 2022

When the Squirrels realise no-one is visiting Duggee’s library, they have an idea - a mobile library.

EP7 Tag's First Day Sep 08, 2022

Before Tag arrived at the Clubhouse, he didn’t know the importance of listening. But on Tag’s first day with Duggee, he soon learnt that paying attention can lead to good things.

EP8 The Hat Badge Sep 08, 2022

Duggee and the Squirrels introduce King Tiger to lots of different hats and explain what they might be good for. But none of them feels right to him.

EP9 Betty's First Day Sep 09, 2022

The Squirrels are having fun trying out games but are surprised to find out that Betty didn’t always enjoy playing.

EP10 The Choreography Badge Sep 09, 2022

The Squirrels meet Duggee’s old dance crew and learn that he was kicked out because he couldn’t stick to the choreography. The Squirrels are surprised because Duggee is such a good dancer.

EP11 The Pet Badge Sep 12, 2022

The Squirrels meet a scruffelump in the woods, and despite Duggee’s reservations, take him in. But they soon learn the responsibilities of taking care of a pet.

EP12 The Lost Property Badge Sep 13, 2022

The Squirrels lose Tag in the Clubhouse, but to find him they’re going to have to figure out where the lost property room is.

EP13 The Mountain Badge Sep 14, 2022

The Squirrels need to rescue Enid when they see her at the top of the Mighty Sugar Bun Mountain.

EP14 The Accessory Badge Sep 15, 2022

The Squirrels see Duggee accessorising his tie and want to learn how to do it themselves. All of the Squirrels accessorise an item and showcase their goods.

EP15 The Ambition Badge Sep 16, 2022

Duggee masters his ambition of building a model of the Clubhouse out of sticks. This encourages the Squirrels to think of their own ambitions, and how they can achieve them.

EP16 The Rainbow Badge Sep 19, 2022

The Squirrels see a rainbow for the very first time, but it disappears so quickly. Together they decide to create a rainbow themselves from everything around them.

EP17 The Dream Badge Sep 20, 2022

The Squirrels are playing, but they can’t stop thinking about the dreams they had last night. Duggee helps the Squirrels work out what their dreams mean.

EP18 The Eating Badge Sep 21, 2022

The Squirrels are having a picnic and notice that the chickens eat differently than they do. Duggee explains all the different ways animals eat.

EP19 The Delivery Badge Sep 22, 2022

Chipmunk is cycling one day delivering his packages when he hits a rock and his trike falls apart. He has so many packages to deliver - what is he going to do now?

EP20 The Same Badge Sep 23, 2022

As Peggee and the Hummingbirds journey up the river to deliver a parcel, they have fun spotting and avoiding the wildlife that they meet along the way.

EP21 The Days of the Week Badge Sep 04, 2023

After finding out that Mr Wobbly is visiting next Monday, the Squirrels impatiently want to know how long that means they need to wait.

EP22 The Feelings Badge Sep 05, 2023

The Squirrels notice that Happy isn’t acting like his normal self, and he’s strangely wearing new trainers. Happy doesn’t know what he’s feeling, and his friends want to help him.

EP23 The Choir Badge Sep 06, 2023

The Squirrels become enchanted when they hear a piece of music from Duggee's choir. They quickly learn what makes a choir.

EP24 The Listening Badge Sep 07, 2023

The Squirrels hear a strange sound that they've not heard before, so they ask Duggee to help identify it.

EP25 The Wisdom Badge Sep 08, 2023

The Squirrels see Duggee reading about wise animals and wish to learn more about what it means to be wise.

EP26 The Commuting Badge Sep 11, 2023

Norrie is running late to Squirrel Club, so Duggee teaches the squirrels what a commute is – a journey that can take you from home to learn, work or play.

EP27 The Ball Badge Sep 12, 2023

The Squirrels are confused when they see Duggee sitting on a ball because they all have their own favourite way of using it, whether it be kicking, throwing or catching.

EP28 The News Badge Sep 13, 2023

After learning that Duggee is making his yearly batch of blueberry jam, a tradition passed on from his great-aunt, the Squirrels decide to spread the news.

EP29 The Difficult Badge Sep 14, 2023

As the Squirrels appreciate Norrie's new bike, they discover that she doesn’t know how to ride it. She finds it too difficult.

EP30 The Cinema Badge Sep 15, 2023

Before the Squirrels attend the cinema for the first time, Duggee teaches them that there are rules they need to follow.

EP31 The Getting Ready Badge Sep 18, 2023

The Squirrels are getting ready for the same woodland adventure, but their mornings all look slightly different.

EP32 The Size Badge Sep 19, 2023

The Squirrels learn about atoms, molecules and cells to help understand sizing when they try to sort a line-up of things from smallest to biggest.

EP33 The Wish Badge Sep 20, 2023

Whilst helping Duggee clean up, the Squirrels come across an old lamp. Duggee explains that many years ago, when rubbed, it could grant three magical wishes.

EP34 The List Badge Sep 21, 2023

Duggee has lost the list he made for the Squirrel's activities for the day at Squirrel Club. After a quick lesson on what a list is, they are happy to help Duggee recreate his.

EP35 The Music Video Badge Sep 22, 2023

The Squirrels are having fun playing a song they made, but they wish that they could see themselves perform. Duggee has a great suggestion, and they learn how to be creative.

EP36 The Exercise Badge Sep 25, 2023

Duggee and the Squirrels set off on a warm-up run together. The Squirrels are feeling sleepy, but they are told that a bit of exercise will wake them up.

EP37 The Dos and Don'ts Badge Sep 26, 2023

The Squirrels are causing a bit too much mess in the clubhouse, so Duggee explains that they need to think more carefully about what they are doing.

EP38 The Nature Badge Sep 27, 2023

The Squirrels can learn more about nature and wildlife if they follow five easy steps: watch carefully, stay at a distance, don’t interfere, be patient and alert, and stay quiet.

EP39 The Recipe Badge Sep 28, 2023

The hungry Squirrels turn to Duggee when they aren't sure what to eat. Fortunately, he has his cookbook The Clubhouse Kitchen: Tasty Bites for Hungry Squirrels.

EP40 The Imagination Badge Sep 29, 2023

When the Squirrels tell Duggee that they have nothing left to play with, he encourages them to use their imagination.
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Released: 17 December 2014 Returning Series
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Animated preschool series about a clubhouse that is run by a big dog called Duggee.

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