Love of Kill


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EP1 WHAT'S YOUR NAME? Jan 13, 2022

Bounty hunter Chateau runs into an assassin named Ryang-ha Song while on a job. After their meeting, he ends up giving her information on other bounties. One day, a different job comes in and Ryang-ha ends up being the target.

EP2 TARGET Jan 20, 2022

Despite knowing that her boss is beginning to suspect that she might be in contact with Ryang-ha, Chateau goes on to carry out a hit that he had tipped her off to.

EP3 ROOM Jan 27, 2022

Chateau wakes up in a motel after being helped out of a pinch by Ryang-ha. She passes on to him the warning that Hou had given for the "traitor." What was his crime five years ago?

EP4 REAL FACE Feb 03, 2022

Chateau goes to church on the anniversary of her father's death. She runs into Ryang-ha, who is his usual self, before they are met by an attacker. Meanwhile, Chateau's boss is meeting with her mother to try to understand her past.

EP5 LIMIT Feb 10, 2022

Chateau is being held hostage in a car filled with explosives, and so Ryang-ha confronts Hou. This is Chateau and Ryang-ha's most dangerous situation yet.

EP6 DARK DREAM Feb 17, 2022

Chateau boards a luxury cruise ship for a mission. There, she runs into Ryang-ha, who makes things difficult for her once again. They spend a night in a room together, in part so that Chateau can keep an eye on him.

EP7 BULLET Feb 24, 2022

Chateau tries to determine Euripedes' whereabouts, but is bothered by Ryang-ha's suspicious behavior. He lets a mysterious attacker escape, and when he meets with Chateau, she pulls out a gun.

EP8 CONFUSION Mar 03, 2022

Chateau leaves herself with Jinon and his associate, Nikka, in order to carry out her operation. Meanwhile, both the boss and Jim are put in danger.

EP9 A WAR TRIGGER Mar 10, 2022

Ryang-Ha confronts Donny, who had brought him here with some unresolved business. Meanwhile, Chateau makes a commitment to finding Ryang-Ha.

EP10 HELP Mar 17, 2022

With some help, Ryang-Ha and Chateau hide out in a tent under a bridge. Chateau is concerned about Ryang-Ha's wounds. They pretend to be married in order to hide their identities.

EP11 WORST Mar 24, 2022

17 years ago. Ryang-Ha was assisting Donny, when he takes in a boy who was being chased. A job Donny gives him leads him to another fateful encounter.

EP12 MY NAME Mar 31, 2022

Two "Ryang-Has" survive desperately with a young Chateau. But Ryang-Ha is cornered by his enemies, and the other Ryang-Ha, too, is severely injured.
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Released: 13 January 2022 Ended
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Two assassins face off at a certain "workplace." The cool bounty hunter Chateau and the mysterious and powerful Ryang-Ha. Chateau and Ryang-Ha become enemies after this fight—at least, they should have, but for some reason Ryang-Ha takes a liking to Chateau and begins following her around. Little by little, Chateau develops a cooperative partnership with Ryang-Ha, which gets her caught up in the struggle against the organizations hunting him down. Furthermore, that battle is related to her past as well. Why did Ryang-Ha approach Chateau? What is Chateau's secret past?

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