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EP1 Search and Destroy: Vietnam War Tactics 1965-1967 Jan 05, 2024

In 1965, tens of thousands of US troops are heading for war in Vietnam. Backed up by B-52 bombers, helicopters and napalm, many expect the Viet Cong guerillas to crumble in the face of unstoppable US firepower. Instead, in the jungles and swamps of Vietnam, the Americans discover combat is an exhausting slog in which casualties are high and they rarely get to fire first.

EP2 The Deadliest Job Of WW2? - US Bomber Crews 1943 Jan 19, 2024

Fall 1943, Allied bombers are ramping up their daytime raids of Nazi German cities and industry. The bomber crews of the US 8th Air Force will pay the price against the German Luftwaffe. Formations such as the “Bloody Hundredth” 100th Bomber Group suffer some of the highest loss ratios of the Second World War – while in 1943 German war production continues to grow. So, let’s have a look why the 8th Air Force weren’t Masters of the Air over Germany quite yet.

EP3 Why Germany Lost the Battle of the Atlantic Feb 02, 2024

In March 1943, German U-boats are on the attack – they sink 108 Allied vessels that month alone. Some Allied officials fear a German victory in the Atlantic is imminent. If the Allies lose the Atlantic, Britain loses its lifeline – and maybe even the war. But by May 1943, it will be the U-boats limping home in defeat. So how, in just two months, did the U-boats go from hunters to hunted?

EP4 Why the US Lost the Tet Offensive Feb 16, 2024

After years of boots on the ground and bloody combat in Vietnam, US officials are publicly confident. The strategy of eliminating the Viet Cong is working. The North Vietnamese communist forces are on their last legs and victory is only a matter of time. Or so they say. But as 1968 and the traditional lunar new year festivities begin, US and South Vietnamese troops find themselves on the receiving end of a formidable North Vietnamese surprise attack: The Tet Offensive.

EP5 Why the Allies Lost The Battle of France Mar 01, 2024

In May 1940, Nazi Germany attacks in the West. The Allied armies of France, Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands have more men, guns, and tanks than the Germans do – and the French army is considered the best in the world. But in just 6 weeks, German forces shock the world and smash the Allies. So how did Germany win so convincingly, so fast?

EP6 Britain's Weird Vietnam War Mar 15, 2024

Fall 1945: the Second World War is over, but there is fresh fighting in Vietnam. Now, former enemies become allies as British-Indian troops, French Commandoes, and surrendered Japanese soldiers join in a rag-tag alliance against Ho Chi Minh’s Communists in Saigon. The outcome will shape Vietnam’s future for decades to come, in Great Britain’s weird Vietnam War.

EP7 1943: Turning Point of WW2 in Europe Mar 22, 2024

The so-called forgotten year of WW2 sees the Allies push the Germans out of North Africa, Sicily, part of Italy, the Atlantic, and smash the Wehrmacht backwards from the Volga and Kursk in Russia to the Dnipro in Ukraine while Allied bombers begin to relentlessly bomb the Reich itself.

EP8 Nixon's Vietnam War: Why the US Left Vietnam Apr 19, 2024

With violent anti-war protests at home and discipline problems on US bases, President Nixon promises to withdraw American troops from the Vietnam War. But that doesn’t mean an end to the fighting. As US troop numbers drop, the war expands across borders and in the air as more weapons are pumped into the South

EP9 Who Really Won the Korean War? May 17, 2024

Only five years after the end of WW2, the major nations of the world are once again up in arms. A global UN coalition and an emerging Chinese juggernaut are fighting it out in a war that will see both sides approach the brink of victory - and defeat.
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Realtimehistory creates chronological documentaries such Rhineland 45 and 15 Days in Berlin. They are also know as the team behind the youtube hit series The great War. Now they will cover one of the pivotal wars of the 19th century in real time: the Franco-Prussian War.

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