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EP1 The World of the Franco-Prussian War – The 19th Century up to 1870 I GLORY & DEFEAT Jun 30, 2021

Welcome to the first primer episode for Glory & Defeat. In this first primer episode we will take a broad look at the industrial revolution and the emerging new ideologies of the 19th century: Communism and Nationalism.

EP2 1848 -The Year of (Failed) Revolutions I GLORY & DEFEAT Jul 07, 2021

The year 1848 was pivotal in European history. All across the continent revolutionary movements erupted and demanded a new order. This would be no different in France and in the German states.

EP3 In The Shadow of Napoleon - The 2nd French Empire Before 1870 I GLORY & DEFEAT Jul 12, 2021

After Napoleon I had conquered and then lost Europe, France went through multiple revolutions. In 1851, Napoleons nephew and French president Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte took control and in 1852 crowned himself Emperor Napoleon III. The new French Empire wanted to regain the glory of Napoleon's uncle and together with his wife Empress Eugenie he ruled a state known for lavish balls and spending.

EP4 The Ems Dispatch - The Outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War I GLORY & Defeat Week 1 Jul 13, 2021

French and Prussian animosity have been swelling in the background since the German Wars of Unification started in the 1860s. The French Duc de Gramont hopes that a victory over Prussia could restore French prestige while Prussian Chancellor Bismarck needs a reason to fulfill his dream of German unification from above. When the crisis about the Spanish throne escalates with the Ems Dispatch, the die is cast and the Franco-Prussian War begins.

EP5 The German Wars of Unification - Bismarck's Rise I GLORY & DEFEAT Jul 19, 2021

After the failed revolution of 1848, the German states within the German confederation were still moving towards unification. This movement would come from the citizens this time though but from the top. Prussia's chancellor Otto von Bismarck was using clever and aggressive diplomacy to outmaneuver his biggest German rival: Austria.

EP6 Franco-Prussian War - First Fighting and Casualties I GLORY & DEFEAT Week 2 Jul 22, 2021

With the official declaration of war from France, Prussia mobilizes and calls in the defensive alliances with the other German states within the North German Confederation but also with Bavaria, Württemberg and Baden. And while the bigger armies still assemble, the first skirmishes happen near the French border.

EP7 French and German Armies in 1870 - Dreyse and Chassepot Rifle Overview I GLORY & DEFEAT Week 3 Jul 29, 2021

While the French and different German Armies are gathering we are taking the time this week to take a look at military organization and warfare in 1870. As a special guest we also have Cap And Ball on the show who introduces the famous Chassepot and Dreyse rifles which will be important in this conflict.

EP8 Opening Battles of the Franco-Prussian War: Saarbrücken, Wissembourg, Wörth I GLORY & DEFEAT Week 4 Aug 05, 2021

Early August 1870 saw the first series of opening battles of the Franco-Prussian War. The Battle of Saarbrücken was the only battle of the entire war fought on German soil, the following Battle of Wissembourg, the Battle of Wörth and the Battle of Spicheren happened right after and gave a glimpse of the carnage to come.

EP9 Battle of Colombey-Nouilly - Strasbourg Under Siege I GLORY & DEFEAT Week 5 Aug 12, 2021

After the opening battles of the Franco-Prussian War, the German armies have suffered heavy casualties but were also able to stop French plans in their tracks. Now the French are withdrawing towards Metz and the symbolic city of Strasbourg is under siege.

EP10 Bloody Victories - The Battles For Metz | GLORY & DEFEAT Week 6 Aug 19, 2021

The French Army of Marshal Bazaine was hoping to reach Verdun or even Paris after the first engagements around Metz. But the French troops were exhausted which allowed the Germans to catch up. With the Battle of Gravelotte and the Battle of Mars-la-Tour, the fate of the French Rhine Army is sealed; they are trapped in Metz.

EP11 An Entire French Army Trapped in Metz During the Franco-Prussian War Aug 26, 2021

The French Army of the Rhine under Marshal Bazaine is trapped inside Metz - along with civilians and wounded over 250,000 people will need to be fed from the city's dwindling supplies. Surrounding the city is a German Army that cannot force the Metz fortifications and opts for starving it into submission instead.

EP12 Battle of Sedan - German Victory and Fall of the French Empire (Franco-Prussian War) Sep 02, 2021

The Battle of Sedan was one of the pivotal moments in the 19th century. The French 2nd Empire's defeat at Sedan (and the capture of Emperor Napoleon III) unleashed social tensions in Paris and a new French republic was proclaimed. And while the victory of the German Armies was resounding, the cost at places like Bazeilles was also high.

EP13 Why France Did Not Surrender After Sedan - Empress Eugénie Flees The Country I Franco-Prussian War Sep 09, 2021

After the French defeat at Sedan, the German states expect peace negotiations. But instead the new French republic declares an early form of "total war" and continues the fight. Meanwhile Empress Eugénie flees the country for Britain.

EP14 Paris Fights Back - The French Battle Against German Encirclement I Franco-Prussian War 1870 Sep 16, 2021

The German Armies are on their way to encircle the French capital Paris after their victory in Sedan. The new French government is raising new troops all across the country and in Paris itself to stem the tide. Poorly equipped and poorly trained troops fight the Germans at Sceaux/Chatillon. Meanwhile, the German states start their negotiations for German unification.

EP15 How the Pope's Army Marched Against Prussia 1870 - Fall of Rome I Franco-Prussian War Sep 23, 2021

While the Franco-Prussian War was raging in France, another armed conflict to the south was reaching its conclusion. The unification of Italy was not yet complete in the eyes of Italian nationalists because Rome and the Papal State still held out. After the defeat at Rome, the Papal Zouaves went on to France to fight the Prussian.

EP16 This French General Saved Strasbourg From Total Destruction During the Franco-Prussian War 1870 Sep 30, 2021

The symbolic city of Strasbourg had been besieged since the early stages of the Franco-Prussian War. The German siege troops are ready to breach the walls of the city and take it by storm. To avoid the destruction of the city, French general Uhrich surrenders and chooses, in his view, honor above glory.

EP17 Rise of Guerrilla Warfare & Daring Balloon Escapes - The Franco-Prussian War Early October 1870 Oct 07, 2021

In early October 1870, the German states are still confident the Franco-Prussian War is as good as over. But two events might cross their plans: One of the leaders of the new French Republic, Leon Gambetta, escapes the Siege of Paris in a hot-air balloon to coordinate the French Armies outside of Paris. And in Ablis, French guerrilla fighters, the so called Franc-Tireurs, ambush a German patrol in their sleep - with swift German retribution.

EP18 The Battle of Orléans 1870 - French Raw Recruits vs. Experienced German Soldiers Oct 14, 2021

All across France French Armies have been raised from any available troops. From international volunteers to raw teenaged recruits. How these sub-par soldiers fair against professional German soldiers is not hard to guess and we can see how that goes in the first battles for Orléans.

EP19 French Guerrilla War & German Retaliation during the Franco-Prussian War 1870 Oct 21, 2021

The French increasing reliance on franc-tireurs, guerrilla style fighters, is causing brutal German retaliation and a spiral of violence in the fall phase of the Franco-Prussian War.

EP20 The Last Imperial Army Surrenders at Metz - Battle of Le Bourget 1870 Oct 28, 2021

Much of the remaining French hope to stem the tide against the German Armies comes from the more than 200.000 professional troops trapped in Metz since August. French Marshal Bazaine tries to negotiate with the German and even offers to march against the French republic. But to no avail.

EP21 The 1st (Failed) Paris Commune Uprising During the Franco-Prussian War 1870 Nov 04, 2021

The Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War 1870 and the downfall of the French Empire after the Battle of Sedan created a volatile social situation in the French capital. And in November 1870 this situation erupted in an attempt to topple the provisional government and create a self-ruling Paris Commune.

EP22 The Weird And Only Naval Battle of The Franco-Prussian War Nov 11, 2021

While the fighting on land continued during the Franco-Prussian War in November 1870, the bizarre and only naval battle of the war took place off the coast of Cuba when the German Meteor and the French Bouvet met in the port of Havana.

EP23 Bismarck Gets Closer To German Unification - A New Spanish King I GLORY & DEFEAT Nov 18, 2021

While the Franco-Prussian War is continuing its messy guerilla phase, the German leaders are negotiating towards a united Germany. Hesse and Baden join the promptly renamed German Confederation - but Württemberg and Bavaria still want more concessions. Meanwhile the question of Spanish succession that started the war is solved in Madrid.

EP24 The Battles of Amiens and Beaune-La-Rolande 1870 - Bismarck Wants His Kaiser Nov 25, 2021

After a brief break in the fighting, the Franco-Prussian War continues in late November with the Battles of Amiens and Beaune-La-Rolande. Both sides are exhausted and the casualties are mounting. In the meantime Bismarck is trying to convince the German states of a new German Emperor.

EP25 French Breakout Attempt During The Siege of Paris 1870 - Battle of Villiers-Champigny Dec 02, 2021

The Siege of Paris has been going on for months in November 1870 and the population is starving. The French Army has previously tried and failed to break out but this week they are starting their biggest attempt yet - not knowing that it has been doomed from the start.

EP26 The Frozen Battlefields of France - Battle of Beaugency 1870 Dec 09, 2021

On the frozen battlefields of France, the exhausted German and French armies are still fighting. The Battle of Beaugency sees a desperate struggle in which soldiers on both sides suffer from broken uniform and the harsh winter conditions. Meanwhile, the Siege of Paris continues to starve the population of the French capital.

EP27 German States Vote For Unity - Battle of Nuits-St. Georges 1870 I GLORY & DEFEAT Week 23 Dec 16, 2021

While the German delegations arrive in Versailles to set in motion the unification of the German states into a German Reich, the people in nearby Paris are starving and their army is still fighting in the countryside.

EP28 How Soldiers and Civilians Celebrated Christmas During the Franco-Prussian War 1870 Dec 23, 2021

Christmas 1870 reminded the German and French alike that the Franco-Prussian War was going on for far too long. Soldiers and civilians on both sides tried to make the best of the situation but the grim nature of the last weeks of fighting and the ongoing Siege of Paris made this a memorable Christmas for all the wrong reason.

EP29 GLORY & DEFEAT Week 25 Dec 30, 2021

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