Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone


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EP1 Part One - 1985 to 1989 Oct 13, 2022

Perestroika. The dream of saving communism. But no-one believes in anything any longer. The managers loot the system. Soldiers return defeated in the war to liberate Afghanistan.

EP2 Part Two - 1989 to 1991 Oct 13, 2022

There are no potatoes in Moscow. Things get worse. Then they get much worse as the rational Communist plan runs out of control everywhere. But McDonald’s opens in Moscow.

EP3 Part Three - 1991 Oct 13, 2022

The empire strikes back. Hardliners attempt a coup. Power slips through their shaking hands. Oligarchs publish a manifesto. Money will replace all ideology. Yeltsin seizes power.

EP4 Part Four - 1992 to 1994 Oct 13, 2022

Russia goes through the mirror into a chaotic dream world where nothing is stable any more. Dream visions of Russia's imperial past start to rise up. People cannot afford food.

EP5 Part Five - 1993 to 1996 Oct 13, 2022

Russian society implodes. Millions of people fall into the abyss. Many live underground or in forests. The president attacks parliament with tanks saying he is saving democracy.

EP6 Part Six - 1994 to 1998 Oct 13, 2022

The group around the president believe a war in Chechnya will save him. Others want the war to restore the glory of the Russian empire. The Oligarchs seize control of practically everything. In the upside down world gangsters become heroes for defending democracy.

EP7 Part Seven - 1995 to 1999 Oct 13, 2022

Suddenly the western bankers leave. Oligarchs take control and search for a new president to be their puppet. They choose Putin. Russians turn against “the curse of democracy".
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What it felt like to live through the collapse of communism and democracy. A series of films by Adam Curtis.

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