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EP1 Thunderclap Feb 06, 2022

In Yokosuka, 1986, Ryo Hazuki, the only legitimate heir of the Hazuki Dojo, spends his days training under his strict father Iwao. One day, he returns and witnesses a mysterious man called Lan Di attacking the Dojo.

EP2 Daybreak Feb 13, 2022

Hazuki Family's maid Ine hands a letter to Ryo, who is restless from his Father's death. The letter was sent from a person named "Yuanda Zhu" to his father which contained characters he cannot read.

EP3 Yin-yang Feb 20, 2022

Ryo finally finds a person who can read Yuanda Zhu's letter, which said "Find Master Chen for help". Ryo finds Master Chen and asks him about Lan Di, the man who murdered his Father.

EP4 Shackles Feb 27, 2022

To chase Lan Di, Ryo decides to go to Hong Kong, but realizes he does not have enough money to go. With Goro's assistance Ryo gets a part-time job, which he soon learns is in Mad Angel's territory.

EP5 Equal Mar 06, 2022

Ryo is forced to fight Guizhang Chen from Chen Family, to save Nozomi who Mad Angels have taken as a hostage. In hopes that Goro finds Ryo's secret message, he fights Guizhand Chen, ending with Ryo and Guizhang both wounded and defeated.

EP6 Dignified Mar 13, 2022

To unveil the truth behind his Father's death, Ryo heads to Hong Kong, looking for a person named "Lishao Tao". His bags are taken as many thugs and thieves walk the streets of Hong Kong since everyone is desperate to survive day by day.

EP7 Future Mar 20, 2022

Ryo meets Lishao Tao, the person he was looking for. Lishao, a martial arts master, easily defeats Ryo and tells him to go home. Thinking he lost because he does not have enough strength, Ryo goes around Hong Kong to find a martial artist.

EP8 Aspiration Mar 27, 2022

Ryo is living at Xiuying Hong's house. Xiuying ignores Ryo's wish to meet Yuanda Zhu and keeps making him do chores for Man Mo Temple. To understand Xiuying's notion, Ryo must learn wude the principles of martial arts.

EP9 Distinct Apr 03, 2022

Ryo finds a book written by Yuanda Zhu in Xiuying's library. In the book he finds a memo of chawan sign, which could lead to danger with one mistake. Despite the danger Ryo uses it to find Yuanda Zhu.

EP10 Comeback Apr 10, 2022

To find Yuanda Zhu, Ryo follows Ren, the leader of Heavens. Gathering information from Ren's acquaintances they reach the location where Yuanda Zhu is said to be, but they soon find out that this was Yellow Heads' trap.

EP11 Entangled Apr 17, 2022

Ryo and Ren finally find Yuanda Zhu. However, they are soon attacked by the Yellow Heads and Yuanda gets kidnapped. Ryo gets cornered but is saved by Xiuying. Xiuying was worried that Ryo would fall in to the evil course blinded by revenge.

EP12 Guidepost Apr 24, 2022

Ryo and Ren successfully sneak into the Yellow Heads' headquarters to rescue Yuanda Zhu. But the Yellow Heads all knew about their plan to sneak in. Surrounded by their enemies, the two fight Yuan who is one of the leaders of Yellow Heads.

EP13 Shenmue May 01, 2022

Ryo finally reaches Lan Di, the man who murdered his Father. Blinded by revenge Ryo viciously attacks Lan Di. Lan Di easily dodges Ryo's attacks and leaves. Yellow Heads' Dou Niu realizes his plan has failed and attacks Ryo.
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Released: 06 February 2022 Canceled
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After he witnesses his father’s murder at the family dojo, Ryo Hazuki dedicates his life to finding the man responsible — a mission that takes him from the streets of Yokosuka, Japan to the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong, and beyond. Soon he’ll learn that larger, mystical forces are at play as he trains to become the ultimate martial artist in his quest for revenge.

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