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EP1 Changes Jul 20, 2011

Henry Mallet is back! At the end of series 1, the ghost of Henry returned to The Elysian and to the woman he loves, Suzy Darling. But strange things happen when a ghost and a mortal fall in love, and this time Henry’s not returned alone – he’s brought the party with him. An entire entourage of ghosts has come back with Henry and taken up residence in The Elysian. There’s the ghost of Chinaman Tang, and Paperback Pete, the sweetly idealistic young man who died with a novel in his pocket in the 1960s, the very stylish and naughty Ghost Betty. Even the ghost of the super-religious Joan Dart turns up… Whilst Henry is delighted to have someone other than Suzy to talk to, her feelings about these newcomers are mixed. At first she enjoys their attention. But when they start invading every moment of her life until she can’t even sit on the loo in peace, she decides enough is enough. They have to leave. And Henry has to tell them. Before Henry can lay down the law, a new ghost arrives on the scene. Powerful and charismatic, and known simply as The King, he seems a wise and ancient soul. But he refuses to obey Henry’s new rules. The other ghosts are impressed. They follow suit and mayhem ensues. Meanwhile, the Adams have split. Adam One has left for London and Adam Two and Juan are settling into a new kind of domestic harmony. As are Zach and Jonquil, who are moving into an apartment in The Elysian together. Bliss! Domestic bliss of a different kind awaits Elvis at Steve’s. He is staying with Steve who is determined to teach him how to be a real man. And Steve has another new obsession: finding his special ‘spirit guy’. Back at The Elysian, the ghosts are driving Suzy to distraction. Literally. When they interfere with one of her patients she is distraught, and Henry, feeling responsible, is determined to set things straight. He finds the King, who shows him a newly formed door in the Ballroom. This was what allowed Henry to come back, he explains. That and his love for Suzy. But it also enabled the other ghosts to come back with him. Henry can go through the door and everything will go back the way it was before … but can Henry trust the King? And just how far will he go to put things right?
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EP2 Time After Time Jul 27, 2011

At the end of episode 1, The King encouraged Henry to put things ‘back the way they were before’. All his problems would be resolved by walking through a door in the Ballroom. Now Henry has returned and, to his dismay, things have gone too far back. Not only can Suzy not see or hear him, this is old-style Suzy - uptight, unhappy and socially awkward. Not the Suzy Darling he knows and loves! Worse, there are strangers living in the Penthouse … Adam and Juan are wary of the scary dentist from downstairs, and all of the ghosts, including Henry’s ‘boy band’ of mates have disappeared. Even Rocco is still alive… The King tricked him. And The King has disappeared. Henry has no way of knowing how to put things right again. He roams the corridors and hallways of the Elysian in a rage, all alone, venting his frustration on inanimate objects. When he accidentally kills Rocco again, he turns to Potter, the only living being who can see him, for help. But Potter is annoyed with Henry – he’s not only been getting the blame for Henry’s rage, he has troubles of his own. He’s about to be de-sexed! When Henry warns him he’s about to lose his manhood, Potter does something extraordinary – he morphs from a cat into a man. Grateful for Henry’s intervention, he tells Henry how he can put things right: he must find the medallion and get Suzy to put it on. But Suzy is still living with Steve, and Henry can’t leave the building. There’s no other alternative, Potter will have to go to Steve’s. Potter the Man sets off reluctantly, and despite the distractions of chicken, cream and gorgeous Persians, he eventually makes it to Steve’s. But Steve is no pushover. He catches Potter in his garden shed ‘robbing’ him and puts him under citizen’s arrest. But this pussycat’s wits are as sharp as his claws. When Suzy arrives, Potter uses all his feline cunning to escape, but not before managing to convince Suzy she’s a queen, worthy of wearing this medallion. Suzy, meanwhile, is living the life she would have lived had she not met Henry. It should all be wonderful, bright and shiny - she’s won an award for her work on gum disease, and her mother Helen is living with her. The mother she was told was dead. She’s packing up and moving the surgery to one which would make her father proud. But Suzy is wistful. There’s something missing. It tugs at the edges of her consciousness, this something about a man named Henry… Will the truth dawn on her in time? Will Potter’s hard work bear fruit? Or will Henry and Suzy be lost to each other, in their bizarre parallel universes, for all time?
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EP3 Alone With You Aug 03, 2011

Suzy and Henry are back from their parallel universe adventures and relative normality reigns at The Elysian, until a new ghost catches Henry’s eye. Antonia. She’s young and she’s fun. She and Henry have a lot in common, and not just because they’re ghosts… Suzy is feeling at a bit of a loss. Not only is Henry hanging out with his new mate Antonia, her kids are keeping their distance too. Elvis is living with his father, who is on a rampage, determined to make a man out of his bookish, sensitive son. And Verity has clammed up. She won’t speak to her mother and she won’t say why. But she does have a very interesting new friend … With so much time on her hands, Suzy wonders about her parallel life, the one she might have led had she not met Henry. The one where her mother was alive, and she received an award for dental excellence for her work on Joan Dart’s disease. Henry helpfully suggests digging up Joan’s body to get a bacteria sample, but Joan herself has a better idea. She has an identical twin, Jean. And when Jean turns up at the surgery – she helps them out with more than just a DNA sample. Meanwhile Jonquil, relationship expert extraordinaire, decides to set Suzy up on a date with a friend of Zac’s. Unfortunately when things go pear-shaped, as they inevitably do, Jonquil helpfully suggests Suzy just use him for sex… But sex of a different kind is on Suzy’s mind. With Henry distracted by Antonia, the King finds a way into her dreams, which become increasingly sexual, and then increasingly disturbing. When The King burns a strange symbol into her flesh in a dream, it is Jean Dart, sister of Joan, who recognises the symbol and its infamous place in history. Henry and Suzy uncover the King’s true identity, one that sends shock waves through Ghostworld. And one Henry wastes no time in revealing this dark and dangerous man for who and what he is. With The King vanquished, Suzy and Henry decide they might try some sexy dreaming of their own again. But their dream quickly turns to a nightmare when The King, seething with humiliation, makes his way into Suzy’s dream. Will Henry be able to wake Suzy up in time to save her? Or will The King, in a murderous rampage, claim yet another victim?
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EP4 Blood Sugar Sex Magik Aug 10, 2011

Jonquil decides to hypnotise Verity in order to get rid of her imaginary friend, Barney. But as per usual when Jonquil’s in charge, things go ever so slightly awry. Instead of eradicating Barney, Jonquil hypnotises the whole family and transports Suzy, in a hypnotic state, to see her long lost mother. Suzy’s realises that Helen’s not dead, she’s alive and well and dealing Blackjack in a casino. Meanwhile, Henry is hanging out with Antonia, watching Zac write his Mallet biography. Neither Henry nor Zac are happy with the way things are going. But neither are prepared for what happens when Zac, in a fit of frustration, Zac resorts to drugs and calls on the spirit of Henry Mallet to possess him. And Henry complies! Henry is suddenly sucked into Zac’s body and “Zenry” is born… The possibilities for Henry/Zenry are endless: cheese, spaghetti, whisky, cigarettes! He even gets to jam with Elvis when Zenry realises – sex! He can have sex! But where’s Suzy? She’s at the casino, where she’s found her mother, but it’s neither a warm nor cheerful reunion. Her evening gets worse when she’s approached by the King. Still smarting from his exposure as a mass murderer, he’s followed her there. But how could he leave the building? And what could he possibly want with Suzy now? Meanwhile, Steve is determined to find his special spirit guy – and devises a new outrageous plan to contact him. With Terry’s help, he’s going to stick a knife in a toaster and die. Only momentarily of course. But he needs Terry to be his spotter and to call the ambulance – before the knife goes in.... When Suzy arrives home, defeated and hurt by her mother’s rejection, she discovers Zenry. At last, Henry in a warm, living breathing human body! But if she has sex with him – is she having sex with Zac - or with Henry? Is Zac aware of what’s happening to his body? Will he remember? Their minds are reeling. And while they debate the ethics, someone from Suzy’s past arrives on the doorstep. Someone she had long ago presumed dead…
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EP5 Sweet Child O’Mine Aug 17, 2011

Joan Dart is concerned, ghosts are going missing. But that's minor compared to the drama taking place in Suzy's penthouse: Helen, the mother Suzy thought was dead, the mother Jonquil pined for for more than 24 years ... has finally returned. And to Jonquil's distress and implacable envy, is staying upstairs with Suzy. Meanwhile, Steve decides Terry should start online dating and while he's at it, he sets up a profile for Suzy too. She needs to know that compared to all the desperadoes out there, Steve is a God. Suzy is furious when she finds out, but Henry is excited – they can use this to their advantage! They can find a nice man that Suzy fancies, Henry can possess him, and bingo! They can finally be together physically! Suzy and Henry set about finding a suitable candidate for him to possess. Meanwhile, down in Ghostworld, Henry outlines the plan to Antonia, who, less than impressed, confesses her feelings for Henry. Back at the penthouse, Henry waits anxiously for Suzy to bring her date home. But Joan Dart arrives first, distressed. Antonia has gone missing. Joan is convinced something terrible is afoot. Meanwhile, Suzy's fumbling attempts to seduce her date, Aaron, are well under way. Henry slides into the penthouse and attempts to leap into Aaron's body. But can he do it? Will Henry end up making love to Suzy in Aaron's body? Or will Suzy end up making love to Aaron ... in Aaron's body? Downstairs, Jonquil is running the gauntlet of emotions - from distress to envy to anger to joy – as she tries to bond with Helen. But why does Helen not share her most cherished childhood memory? Is she a fraud? Just who is this peculiar, hard-hearted woman? Helen finally gives in to Jonquil's demands to 'please explain'. She takes her to a strange old house, where Jonquil discovers that not only did her mother not abandon her, she has her own cherished memories of Jonquil's childhood. While Joan Dart, roaming the hallways with her clipboard, comes across someone she knows and discovers - the hard way - just why all the ghosts are disappearing.
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EP6 If You See Her, Say Hello Aug 24, 2011

Suzy’s neighbour Rita has a new friend. A sweet young woman who sells make up door to door. Jennifer can transform people from plain to beautiful with one sweep of her blusher brush. But Jennifer has other skills. She can also transform spirits - from trapped and tortured to emancipated and free. And there’s something about The Elysian that’s making her just quiver all over …. Meanwhile, Jonquil is on a rampage. She decides to ‘therapise’ her mother about her abandonment issues. And she takes Suzy to Helen’s old house to show her some dusty relics from their childhood, where Suzy discovers a dusty relic of a different kind. Robbie. A ghost. And Suzy is astonished to learn that she and Helen have more in common than she could ever have imagined. Back at the Elysian, more ghosts are mysteriously dying. But Paperback Pete is oblivious. Much to Suzy’s amusement, he’s developed a crush on her new dental assistant, Penelope. He’s spending all his time in the dental surgery, pining over her, despite the fact she can’t see or hear him. Meanwhile, Henry is roaming the hallways and corridors when he comes across Jennifer. When she tries to spit on him, he’s not only disgusted, he’s terrified! He manages to evade her but not before she runs into a wall and chips her tooth. She winds up in Suzy’s surgery, where she spits on sweet Paperback Pete and he shrivels to nothing. Could Rita’s new friend, the nice make-up lady, be a ghost killer? Or is she really a sweet, innocent girl who thinks she’s helping to move these tortured souls to a better place? Either way, Jennifer is on the hunt for Henry. Just the scent of him is driving her crazy. So Suzy and Henry devise a cunning plan. They lure Jennifer into the surgery and put a stop to her spitting on anyone for a long, long time … With Jennifer out of the way, Suzy delivers a special message from the ghost Robbie to her mother, Helen. Helen rushes to the old house, where Suzy witnesses an emotional reunion between her mother and the ghost she fell in love with many years ago. But the question remains - why can’t Helen see or hear him anymore? Could this be what the future has in store for her and Henry?
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EP7 Dancing in the Dark Aug 31, 2011

Henry is intrigued to learn of Helen’s relationship with her ghost lover. It is scarily similar to his own relationship with Suzy. He plies Suzy with questions: did a taxi ever come for Robbie? Has Robbie seen any other ghosts? Why can’t Helen see him any more? Could this be what the future has in store for them? Suzy in turn is intrigued to learn that Robbie and Helen have found a way to be together physically. “Spiriting” they call it. But while Robbie’s happy to expound upon the delights of spiriting, he’s less forthcoming with details on the downside. And Helen herself is tight-lipped. Why is she giving nothing away. Henry and Suzy decide to try spiriting for themselves. They are delighted to find themselves in a place where they can touch ... but before they know it, they’re whisked away from this corporeal bliss, smack bang into the hurly burly reality of their everyday lives. But something strange has happened. Two weeks have passed. Two weeks which they have no memory of. Two weeks during which Steve’s relationship with Jennifer has blossomed. Helen is furious. She explains that spiriting is a way for a ghost and a mortal who are in love to be together. But every hour spent together means a year of Suzy’s life is forfeited; a year which she will have no memory of. Suddenly, all Helen’s strange absences make sense. Suzy is appalled not just at her mother’s selfishness, but at her own. How could she have lost two weeks of her own children’s lives!? Meanwhile, Zac’s finest hour is upon him. His definitive biography of Henry Mallet is being launched. Right there in the building Henry disappeared from! Zac is excited to announce he has solved the mystery of Henry Mallet’s disappearance once and for all: Henry is dead! He fell off the back of a ferry! But it’s far from a great moment for Zac... or for Henry, for that matter. While Zac’s busy with his book and his newfound status, Jonquil retaliates by revealing to him every detail of the raunchy dreams she’s been having. But Jonquil is unaware the handsome stranger in her dreams is The King. He’s found his way into her subconscious. But what exactly is he up to now? And what does this charismatic and dangerous ghost want with Suzy’s sister?
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EP8 The Real Thing Sep 07, 2011

Zac is delirious with joy. All his dreams have come true because Henry Mallet – the real, living, breathing, 60 year old Henry Mallet – just knocked on his door. He’s not dead! He’s been living incognito in Geneva for the last thirty years, eating cheese and breeding schnauzers. Zac may be in seventh heaven, but Suzy is seriously confused. And a little worried – is this the real Henry Mallet, or a fraud? And if this old man is the real Henry Mallet, then who or what is her Henry? The other ghosts are delighted. Ghostworld is alive with theories and chatter and gossip – is Henry just some dude who died at Nerve party in a Henry Mallet costume? Maybe Henry’s soul split in two when he died … but which part is the good part and which is the bad? Even Henry starts to doubt himself. When Jonquil reports that the elderly Mr Mallet seems to have the hots for her, Suzy is despondent. Everything seems to point to this man being real. Perhaps she really is slowly going mad … Meanwhile Steve and Jennifer’s romance blossoms. Jennifer may not be willing or able to have sex with Steve, but now that her saliva glands are fully functioning again, there’s plenty she can do to help him out – including ‘emancipating’ the ghost of his mother. Suzy decides there’s nothing for it – she’s going to prove it’s Old Henry who is the fraud. She and Henry hit on some harebrained schemes – fingerprints! Dental records! Verbal traps! But the man is indestructible. He defeats them at every turn. Then the realisation slowly dawns on them – it doesn’t matter whether Old Henry is real or not. What matters is that they believe in each other ... While Zac is busily befriending Old Henry, Jonquil’s dreams become more and more interesting and more more realistic, until she realises she’s been having wild dream sex with one Darren Bonney – Adelaide mass murderer and cult leader also known as “The King”. But Jonquil is not afraid, she’s intrigued …
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EP9 Yesterday's Hero Sep 14, 2011

Everyone’s excited about the biopic of Henry’s life being filmed at the Elysian – everyone, that is, except Henry. He’s not interested in who or what he was. He’s interested in who he is now. And in Suzy, who gets dragged into the madness as an extra. But as per usual when Henry’s around, she winds up distracted and the director winds up very, very wet - and very unimpressed. Meanwhile, the kids are on the move. Elvis is off to boarding school in London. Henry has some words of wisdom for him. And Verity wants to spend all her time at Steve’s house. Jennifer is delighted. Especially with her young admirer’s olfactory abilities, which are spookily similar to her own. With the kids away, Henry and Suzy decide to try some sexy dreaming but end up, yet again, in a bizarre place. And they’re not the only ones having bizarre dreams. With Zac preoccupied, enthusiastically ‘consulting’ on the Mallet biopic, Jonquil still dreams of the King in graphic, technicolour detail. When an acolyte whispers The King’s real name to her in a dream and wistfully hints at his dark past, Jonquil wakes up inspired. She’s going to hold a ‘grieving ceremony’ for the living relatives of the King’s victims, and set everyone free. But as per usual when Jonquil has an idea, not everyone jumps on board. Things have a tendency to go ever so slightly awry. But Jonquil’s ceremony is, for once, a great success. The King vanishes and the acolytes are freed. She should be flushed with triumph, but unable to see them move on, she is blissfully unaware. So why is she behaving so … eccentrically? Things aren’t so rosy between Helen and her ghost lover, Robbie. Robbie is convinced that Helen’s inability to see or hear him has driven her into the arms of someone else. His worst nightmare. A living, breathing, corporeal man. Suzy tries to assuage his fears, but he grows more bitter and more convinced of Helen’s infidelity until Helen herself confesses. And Robbie responds with a heroic gesture. Meanwhile, a giant crack appears in the bottom of the Elysian. An earthquake or some other natural disaster? Or have the ghostly antics of the Elysian’s residents caused another tear in the veil that protects the real world from the supernatural?
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EP10 I'll Close My Eyes Sep 21, 2011

The Elysian is swarming with men in hard hats. They’ve come to investigate the large crack that appeared in the building when Jonquil held her ‘healing ceremony’. Suzy reassures Henry. This is not a supernatural problem. This is a real world problem, and real men are going to fix it. Jonquil meanwhile, has woken up in the gutter after another all night bender. Zac is alarmed about her new penchant for self-destructive behaviour. Why is his girlfriend suddenly acting so … lasciviously? Back at the Elysian, the men in hard hats have agreed. This building can’t be fixed. On hearing the news, Adam and Juan throw a party and introduce a lawyer who reports he can get top dollar payouts for residents. Everyone is relieved and happy. Everyone except Suzy and Henry. What will happen to Henry if the building goes down? Will he be doomed to haunt a construction site forever? Or will he just crumble into dust with the building? The party spreads. All sorts of folk are turning up, including Jonquil, tethered securely to Zac with handcuffs. Jonquil is freaking Antonia out – did she just look at her? Then Antonia realises why Jonquil’s been acting so strangely - and where the King has gone. He’s possessed her! While Suzy and Henry set about trying to expel The King from Jonquil, the King himself decides he’s bored with this female body. He’s going to possess Steve instead. And while Suzy and Henry frantically switch tactics to figure out how to expel The King from Steve, it’s Verity who comes to the rescue, just as the entire building tilts again. And that’s it. The King’s dead. The party’s over. The emergency crews arrive and everyone has to evacuate. Everyone except Henry, who can’t leave. Suzy is adamant. She’s not going. As she clings desperately to the rapidly disintegrating building, it is Helen who comes up with the solution. Spiriting. She brokers a deal – she will look after Suzy in her ‘fugue’ state, keep her on the straight and narrow and the kids close. But can Helen keep her promise? As the building lurches again, there’s nothing for it. Henry and Suzy swirl through the black space to bliss. To safety in each other’s arms. But when Suzy arrives back a year later, something strange has happened. It looks like she’s getting married! Where are the kids? But more importantly – what has happened to Helen? And where, oh where is Henry?
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Spirited is an Australian television drama series made for subscription television channel W that aired for two seasons, 2010 and 2011. The series stars Claudia Karvan, as dentist Suzy Darling, who walks away from a loveless marriage and into an old apartment block that is inhabited by the ghost of a 1980s English rock star, Henry Mallet, played by Matt King. Suzy had been married to Steve Darling, played by Rodger Corser, for 15 years, and they have two children, Elvis, 13, played by Louis Fowler, and Verity, 8, played by Charlie Hancock. Belinda Bromilow plays Suzy’s sister Jonquil.

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