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EP1 The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting Jul 07, 2022

Because of his extremely violent nature and his nickname "The Demon of the Sakuragi Family," the first lieutenant of the Sakuragi Family, Kirishima Toru, is feared by the rest of the yakuza world. One day, Kirishima is summoned by the head of the Sakuragi Family and is tasked with taking care of his only daughter, Sakuragi Yaeka. But Yaeka is very shy and doesn't really open up to him, which perplexes Kirishima. He then finds a notice about an open house that Yaeka's class is having, and it happens to be that day. Then Kirishima...

EP2 A Kind Person Jul 14, 2022

Kirishima gradually gets used to his job as Yaeka's caretaker. They go to a fireworks festival together and that ends up bringing them closer together. Later, they plan to go see Yaeka's mother, Miyuki, who is in a coma in the hospital, but then Yaeka gets upset and says that she doesn't know her mother because she's always asleep and says she doesn't want to go. But then, Kirishima says...

EP3 A Visit and a Reunion Jul 21, 2022

Yaeka goes to the hospital to visit her mother. Kirishima goes with her, and they both run into Aoi, Kirishima's senior and the former first lieutenant of the Sakuragi Family. On the way back from the hospital, Kirishima and Yaeka find a high school girl and an abandoned kitty. Yaeka asks Kirishima if they could take the kitty home, and...

EP4 Why Don't We Start Streaming? Jul 28, 2022

Kirishima and his buddies become streamers and things get a little weird.

EP5 Kirishima's Day Off Aug 04, 2022

Kirishima accompanies Sakuragi to a meeting with other heads of yakuza families. On their way home, they run into Rei, who is Kirishima's classmate from middle school. Rei is much more feminine now and Kirishima doesn't know how to react... Meanwhile, Yaeka was trying to bake a cake with Kanami. Who could be the lucky person that Yaeka is making the cake for?

EP6 First Friend Aug 11, 2022

Kirishima tries his hand at cooking with the help of Kanami so they can celebrate Yaeka's birthday. Meanwhile, Sugihara and Takeuchi are playing in the park with Yaeka and then Yaeka becomes friends with a little foreign girl named Sara. The next day, the new neighbors to the Sakuragi household come to visit and... Now that Yaeka's birthday is here, what could the dish that Kirishima prepared for Yaeka be?

EP7 The Ultimate Target Aug 18, 2022

Masaya has a vendetta against Kirishima, if only Kirishima can remember who he is.

EP8 It's Been a While Aug 25, 2022

Aoi, who left the Sakuragi Family years before, comes by to visit the Sakuragi Family again. Aoi and Sakuragi have a chat and discuss how things were when Aoi was still the first lieutenant... They reminisce about the peaceful days when Miyuki was pregnant with Yaeka, and despite how much trouble Kirishima used to cause them, Aoi always took care of him. The reason that Aoi left the yakuza life and settled down is...

EP9 The Kirishima [ ] Plan Sep 01, 2022

Yaeka seems to be acting strange. She seems to be extremely antsy like she's hiding something from Kirishima... On top of that, Sakuragi, Sugihara, and the rest of the members of the Sakuragi Family seem to be trying to keep Kirishima and Yaeka apart. What could Yaeka possibly be up to?

EP10 A Bad Person Sep 08, 2022

A few yakuza members try to get revenge against Kirishima by using Yaeka as bait.

EP11 Fireworks and Promises Sep 15, 2022

Kirishima tries to find the yakuza who dragged Yaeka into a yakuza quarrel and mercilessly tries to punish them. But then, Sakuragi appears, and Kirishima returns to his senses. Kirishima goes back to being Yaeka's babysitter and peaceful days returns, but... Suddenly, Sugihara gets a message from Kirishima asking him to take care of the little lady, and...

EP12 The Little Lady's Babysitter Sep 22, 2022

Kirishima gets ready to set things right, but Yaeka has her own ideas on how he can make up for his actions.
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Kirishima Tooru is as vicious a yakuza as they come, to the point where he's earned the nickname "the Demon of Sakuragi." To get him under control, he's suddenly given a new mission straight from the boss—to babysit his daughter!

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