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EP1 Dating Jan 13, 1999

Main Sketches include: Sydney tries a dating agency, Erin objects to Dusty's going on a date and Linda's limo driver turns out to be an old flame and they have a Titanicesque moment

EP2 Drugs Jan 13, 1999

Main Sketches include: Erin's drug dealer contemplates his life, Sheneesha needs her blood-pressure medication, Midge develops a steriod problem while Chris has her own problems with pot and Kay talks to a co-worker about an addiction but gets hooked herself, on swing.

EP3 Scandal Jan 20, 1999

Main Sketches include: Fern is touched inappropriately by her dentist, Sydney goes away on vacation and finds a p*bic hair in her bed and Janie is attracted to a young man -- a very young man

EP4 Hair Jan 20, 1999

Main Sketches include: Linda is upset she doesnt have a nude scene in ""Hair"", Trevor recalls getting a Beatle haircut as a youth, Fern's hairdresser dies and Erin has a problem with a cactus

EP5 Lies Jan 27, 1999

Main Sketches include: Fern and Phyllis discuss their late husbands' infidelities, Sheneesha and Hellura discuss how to respond to deal with cheating boyfriends and Chic tells a lie to get out of a ticket and suffers the consequences

EP6 Erotica Feb 03, 1999

Main Sketches include: Janie brings home an arousing sculpture, Chic has an idea for Taxicab Confessions, Linda Granger and Victoria Principal are held against their will by a sultan

EP7 Books Feb 10, 1999

Main Sketches include: Linda reads Chekhov, Kay finds love at the library and Fern trys to retrieve her signed ""Valley Of The Dolls"" from a friend who died

EP8 Road Rage Feb 17, 1999

All sketches coincide with one another.. Sydney enjoys her new Hummer, Linda flies with Chopper Tim, Ruby is carjacked and becomes a hero, Hope retrieves her first car that had been stolen, Fern and Jobie visit L.A., Midge and Chris are mad at a driver that cut them off Everyone almost collide with one another at the end.

EP9 America Feb 24, 1999

Main Sketches include: Ruby was Sen. McCarthy's lover, Fern remembers her past with a jewish mobster

EP10 Hype Mar 03, 1999

Main Sketches include: Madame Nadja wonders about America, Fern has an unexpected surplus of caskets and Sheneesha hates the conditions in the new airport terminal

EP11 Obsession Mar 10, 1999

Main Sketches include: Sydney gives an impromptu slide show at her high school reunion for revenge, Trevor and Barry take up Latin dancing, and Sheneesha on Steven Spielberg's stalker

EP12 End of the World Mar 17, 1999

All the sketches coincide with each other as a meteor shower heads toward Earth and everyone reacts differently: Hope may lose her virginity, Ruby has an unexpected visitation, Trevor & Barry consider a Thelma & Louise situation, Linda gives a farewell concert, Fern and Jobie eat everything in site, Birdie lets her hair down, Sydney gets away from everything, Sheneesha restores order, Chic and Janie have sex
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Released: 24 January 1996 Ended
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Tracey Takes On... is a sketch comedy series starring comedienne Tracey Ullman. The show ran for four seasons on HBO and was commissioned after the success of the 1993 comedy special "Tracey Ullman Takes on New York." Each episode focuses on specific subject in which Ullman and her cast characters comment on or experience through a series of sketches and monologues.

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