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EP1 It Takes Guts Jan 10, 2022

Haru Shirokane and Taiga are saved from a group of delinquents by the strongest XB player and leader of the Minato Tribe, Shun Kamiya. Despite calling him boring, Kamiya invites Haru to his Extreme Baseball team with Taiga joining too. In the match against a rival team. In the aftermath, Haru overcomes his weakness and decides to stay with Shun in the team.

EP2 The Destroyer Jan 17, 2022

Hull and Taiga are fascinated by XB and decide to join Minato Tribe. The two learn the rules of XB from the deputy leader Saori Arisugawa, but Taiga, who is not good at studying, is not good at it. Kamiya, who was watching the situation, proposes a practice game, saying, “It is faster to actually play.”Meanwhile, at that time, King Neo Tokyo’s Ho-Oh Tenshin had given a certain order to Chiyoda Tribe, led by his successor, Ho-Oh Jiro.

EP3 A Real Enemy Jan 24, 2022

At an overwhelming speed, Ojiro of Chiyoda Tribe is overwhelming the powerful tribes one after another. His next target was Minato Tribe, led by the strongest XB player, Shun Kamiya. Kamiya cuts off Ojiro’s idea of ​​affirming blood and violence as a bad hobby … Thus, the battle between Minato and Chiyoda is cut off.

EP4 Without Him… Jan 31, 2022

A member of Minato who is defeated by Ojiro and despairs. The life of the tribe was disbanded, and my body and soul were about to fall apart. At that point, an incident occurred in which Arisugawa was kidnapped by Hyakutaro Senju of Adachi Tribe. The remaining Minato members are confused, but head to Adachi City to help Arisugawa.

EP5 What I Wanted to See Feb 07, 2022

Minato started XB with Adachi to help Arisugawa, but he was at the mercy of how to fight by taking advantage of Adachi’s land. Kazuki Aoyama, a mysterious man who suddenly approaches “Let’s help” in front of such Minato members. Due to his strategy, Minato quickly regains his position and begins to catch up with Adachi. Haru and Taiga were antipathy to Kazuki’s mocking attitude and way of doing things.

EP6 A Man's Pride Feb 14, 2022

After the battle with Minato, Senju had another unpleasant existence. He is Chiyoda’s King Jiro, who is crushing the tribes in Neo Tokyo. Senju decides to hit Chiyoda. Haru and his friends, who once lost the battle with Chiyoda and know their abilities, try to stop the battle because they are worried about Senju.

EP7 Tribe-Packed XB Tourney Feb 21, 2022

Kazuki urges Taiga to practice away from Minato. Hull, who witnessed the appearance, deepens his distrust of Kazuki. At that time, an incident occurred in which a thief entered the hideout in an attempt to steal Hull’s beam bat. Maybe that thief is …

EP8 The Dawn of Chaos Feb 28, 2022

Chiyoda’s Yui Kamiki visited Otatribe to request the killing of Kazuki Aoyama. Until then, Otatribe was dressed in poor clothes and pretended to be a beggar … Its true identity is a brutal bandit led by Sonoda, a leader who loves chaos. At the request of Shinboku, Sonoda and his colleagues start attacking Minato Tribe without regard to the XB method.

EP9 Reversal Goodbye Mar 07, 2022

In the midst of the battle with the confused Ota, Sonoda’s mouth tells Kazuki’s true purpose. It was “to use Minato Tribe to take revenge on Ojiro who broke his left arm.” Hull and others who knew it could not find the meaning of continuing the battle and tried to abandon the game. However, only Taiga, who returned from training, did not lose his will to fight …!

EP10 Declaration of War Mar 14, 2022

After overtaking the throne, Ojiro enacts brutal XB laws and issues a challenge to Minato Tribe. The crew questions whether to take him on when the game has become a bloodbath.

EP11 Chiyoda Tribe Showdown Mar 21, 2022

Before the game gets started, Haru has something important to say. But just when the crew thinks they have a fighting chance, Chiyoda Tribe gets serious.

EP12 Play Ball Mar 28, 2022

Ojiro himself has taken the field and is determined to crush all opposition. Kazuki struggles to win back his old friend as Haru fights to protect all he holds dear.
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In Neo Tokyo, disillusioned youth form tribes that battle each other in an intense game called Extreme Baseball. One night, two kids – Haru Shirogane and Taiga – meet the strongest XB Player Shun Kamiya. Haru and Taiga join Shun's group, the Minato Tribe, to play this cutthroat game against a mysterious man who has begun taking control of all the tribes. Can they defeat him before it’s too late?

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