A Dream of Splendor


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EP1 Waiting For My Love Jun 02, 2022

Commander Gu Qianfan is someone everyone is scared of. One day he receives the order to investigate the missing "The Night Revels" in Qiantang County. Zhao Pan'er and Sanniang from Qiantang run a tea shop. Pan'er has been waiting for her crush Ouyang to take her to the Eastern Capital.

EP2 The Killers Jun 02, 2022

Pan'er sees Gu Qianfan forcing Mr. Yang to hand out The Night Revels. But it turns out that the one he takes out is fake. At the same time, plenty of killers come rushing into Yang's Mansion. Gu Qianfan has a severe fight with the killers and is injured.

EP3 Hiding Identities Jun 02, 2022

Gu Qianfan exposes himself to let Sanniang gets onto the boat. Magistrate Zheng orders his subordinates to send the gold to Xiuzhou himself. When Gu Qianfan is caught, he can take it back. Pan'er lies about her relationship with Qianfan to the boat owner.

EP4 Keep It A Secret Jun 02, 2022

Pan'er tells Gu Qianfan that she gave Mr. Yang the fake The Night Revels. Qianfan is utterly shocked. As he has no money with him, he gives Pan'er the Hetian Jade his father left him. Before parting ways, he warns Pan'er to not tell anyone that she has the real The Night Revels.

EP5 Sincerity Jun 02, 2022

Gu Qianfan and his friends spend the night together. Wan Qi excuses himself. The assailants rush into the place and no one knows if Gu Qianfan is still alive. Zhou She falls into the trap and tells Pan'er his sincerity. Pan'er pretends that she is interested.

EP6 Gu Qianfan Comes To Rescue Jun 02, 2022

Zhou She tries to stop Yinzhang from divorcing him. But Pan'er is well prepared for this. After Zhou She swallows the divorce letter, she takes out the real one. Zhou She receives a light punishment, and everyone is shocked.

EP7 Showing Off Jun 02, 2022

Ouyang Xu tells Pan'er about his situation. Pan'er gets to know that there's no other solution. She leaves with anger. On the way back, she bumps into the Palace Guard Chi.

EP8 We Can Get Along Jun 02, 2022

Ouyang is asked who he met the other day. Ouyang makes up some random excuse. Ms. Gao makes it clear that she won't be jealous, and that she wants to get along with his friend. But Ouyang still keeps his mouth shut.

EP9 Worried Jun 03, 2022

Gu Qianfan read the smuggling case file at night and told Chen Lian to hand it over to the local authorities, and he could return to the capital immediately. He asked Chen Lian if he had any news about the Easter Capital. Chen Lian understood what Qianfan meant and told him that there was no news about Ms. Zhao.

EP10 Settled down Jun 03, 2022

Gu Qianfan told Chen Lian that he and Minister Xiao were not the same, and sat alone on the steps of Zhao's tea shop. Ms.Zhao made her own fruit and rewarded Mr. Chi's subordinates. Her craftsmanship amazed everyone.

EP11 Follow their heart Jun 04, 2022

Pan’er analyzed why Ouyang Xu wanted to go to Ziji, and decided not to follow Ouyang Xu’s ideas. Staying in the Eastern Capital to open a teahouse but Chen Lian advised her sisters to think twice, it’s not so easy to survive in theEastern Capital. But the three women had made up their minds, and Chen Lian was helpless, but was amazed by the delicious craftsmanship of the three sisters.

EP12 Give her a hand Jun 04, 2022

Chen Lian was happy that Gu Qianfan was promoted, but Gu Qianfan was unhappy. Gu Qianfan asked Chen Lian how they were doing. Chen Lian didn’t say that the sisters were going to open a teahouse. Gu Qianfan wanted to take his salary to subsidize Pan'er, but she had already given all the money to Chen Lian,

EP13 Be An Instructor Jun 05, 2022

Yinzhang successfully stayed in the division and became the pipa instructor. She also meet Shen Ruzhuo, the Editorial Director, who was familiar with the Division and guide for her.

EP14 Become well-known Jun 05, 2022

Lots of customers came to Pan'er's teahouse, among them Du Changfeng, Yin Zhang talked about the pipa, her delicious fruit, they suddenly felt good, Yin Zhang became famous in the capital.

EP15 Framed Jun 09, 2022

Ding Zhongquan tortured Pan'er in prison, forcing her to frame Gu Qianfan for collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country. Yin Zhang came to the rescue at the same time, and at the critical moment Chen Lian and Gu Qianfan arrived to save Pan'er

EP16 Don't Be Afraid Jun 09, 2022

Pan'er was not nervous when she saw the counterfeit product, and told Yinzhang that if you want to make the industry become stronger, you shouldn't be afraid of plagiarism by others.

EP17 Falling In Love Jun 10, 2022

Pan'er asked Gu Qianfan if he had answer. Gu Qianfan told her that he fell in love with Pan'er, and he wanted to marry her.

EP18 Reconciliation Jun 10, 2022

Gu Qianfan told Pan'er that he wanted to marry her and handed over all his belongings to Pan'er, hoping that she would understand her sincerity. Finally, they would reconcile with each other.

EP19 Comfort Him Jun 11, 2022

Gu Qianfan confessed that his grandfather had set up a marriage for him. Later, because he entered the Division, the wife withdrew from the marriage. Pan’er comforted Qianfan and told him about the past.

EP20 A short story Jun 11, 2022

Gu Qianfan told Pan'er the origin of paint and her relationship with the Queen in a story. Pan'er understood it, Gu Qianfan told Pan'er that as long as the paint was not in Pan'er's hands, she would be safe.

EP21 Get married with her Jun 16, 2022

Xiao Qinyan invited Gu Qianfan to dinner, expressing that he would arrange a good future for Gu Qianfan. Gu Qianfan was unwilling to reconcile with Xiao Qinyan, so he refused and told him that he wanted to marry Zhao Paner.

EP22 Independence Jun 16, 2022

Zhao Di wants to save money for her dowry. Sanniang told Zhao Di that women still need to rely on themselves, and disagreed with Yinzhang's practice of relying on men.

EP23 Jealousy Jun 17, 2022

Gu Qianfan met Song Yinzhang, instructed her to perform well, and then rebuked servants for her, Yinzhang was touched. Young Master Xiao was very jealous when he saw Gu Qianfan attending the banquet.

EP24 Threat Jun 17, 2022

Ouyang Xu was threatened by the servants of the Gao family, forcing him to put a fingerprint on the divorce letter. The servant told Ouyang Xu that Gao Hui had learned the truth, and Pan'er will get married with Gu Qianfan.

EP25 A Serious Injury Jun 18, 2022

On the boat, Gu Qianfan was stabbed and seriously injured. In desperation, Xiao Qinyan slashed at Commander Cui. Gu Qianfan's boat was parked in the river so Pan'er gave first aid to him.

EP26 Get Promoted Jun 18, 2022

Yin Zhang came to find Shen Ruzhuo, determined to entrust herself to him. Yinzhang stayed at Shen's house and sent someone to fetch the pipa. Sanniang said Yinzhang may like Gu Qianfan.

EP27 Setting Rules Jun 23, 2022

Gu Qianfan was promoted, and his subordinates were impatient to wait for him. Gu Qianfan set the rules for them and warned everyone. In order to meet Master Bao Yi, Ouyang Xu was willing to work for Master Xu. His master came to find Ouyang Xu and scolded him badly.

EP28 Missing Her Jun 23, 2022

Chen Lian was slandered by Zhao Di and just wanted to leave quickly. Pan'er misses Gu Qianfan, but she can't see the little yellow flower for a long time, which is a token of his longing. Gu Qianfan is unspeakable and he could not bear the pain of longing so he came to find Pan'er and left some note in her room.

EP29 Sow Dissension Jun 24, 2022

Young Master Xiao found Gu Qianfan and told him that Xiao Qinyan impeached Pan er's father, Zhao Qian and that the official document about Zhao Qian was given to Gu Qianfan by Xiao Qinyan. Xiao Qinyan deliberately let Gu Qianfan know that he wanted to destory his relationship with Pan'er.

EP30 The Heirloom Jun 24, 2022

Pan'er asks Sanniang and Zhao Di to sell her hairpins and prepare to start again. Du Changfeng persuaded to keep the hairpin and took out his heirloom to help them. Yin Zhang saw Sanniang holding Pan'er's hairpin, worried that there was a problem with the teahouse they bought, and wanted to help them.

EP31 Bury the Hatchet Jun 25, 2022

Yinzhang is determined to earn money by herself, but Pan'er is disheartened and wants to go back to Qiantang. Sanniang convinces Pan'er to live for herself. The three were lack of money, but Master Chi offered to pay for them, but Paner refused.

EP32 Starting Over Jun 25, 2022

Pan'er was busy tidying up the restaurant and start over so Master Chi admires her so much. Furthermore, Sanniang convinces her chefs to come back by her exquisite knife skills. Yinzhang and Zhaodi also work for the restaurant again.

EP33 Protect Secretly Jun 26, 2022

Pan'er was touched when she learned that Gu Qianfan sent someone to protect her secretly, but she still couldn't figure out why Gu Qianfan did not find her, and couldn't help but miss Gu Qianfan. Three days later, the Yongan Building opened, and Pan'er decided to hold the Banquet in Yiyuan Pavilion and invited twelve special guests to join it.

EP34 Tell a Lie Jun 26, 2022

Pan'er's behavior made the emperor quite agree. Pan'er mentioned that she was born in a poor family and wanted to succeed like a man, which made the emperor think of the queen. Pan’er finally met Gu Qianfan and told him that she had lied to the emperor, convincing him that the painting was forged by Ouyang Xu.

EP35 Pretence Jun 26, 2022

Gu Qianfan pretended to got injured but he was caught by Pan'er. Gu Qianfan explained to Pan’er that he didn’t know what happened to her because of his injury. Pan’er asked Gu Qianfan that he had ever thought of repenting of getting married with her.

EP36 Overcoming the Hatred Jun 26, 2022

Ouyang Xu attempts to drag Gao Hui into the trouble, and forces her to help him meet the Gu's family. Pan'er secretly provides help to Gao Hui.

EP37 Appreciation Jun 26, 2022

Du Changfeng arranged Zifang to study in his academy, and Sanniang was very moved. Gu Qianfan proposed to Pan’er again but Pan’er was in no hurry to get married. Pan'er mentioned Mr. Chi deliberately to make Gu Qianfan jealous.

EP38 In Danger Jun 26, 2022

Ouyang Xu pretended to be weak and take the opportunity to attack Pan’er. Pan'er is in danger,but Chen Lian saves her fortunately.

EP39 Sued Jun 26, 2022

Gu Qianfan can be released. Gu Qianfan rushea to see Pan'er, but learned that Pan'er went to Mansion to sue Ouyang Xu for repenting of the marriage, in order to dismiss the emperor' doubts about Gu Qianfan.

EP40 Clear Her Name Jun 26, 2022

The queen was unwilling to approve to Gu Qianfan's request, Qianfan threatened with a knife, and bluntly stated that he would work for her and hope to save Pan'er.
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Zhao Pan'er is a smart and savvy teahouse owner in Qiantang, living alongside her two best friends Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang. When she finds out her fiancé left her for another woman of a high ranking officer after becoming an official in the capital of Bianjing, she refuses to give into her fate and decides to travel to the capital in search for the truth. On her way there, she crosses paths with both of her best friends whose lives she saves, and they follow her onward. Gu Qianfan is a commander in an elite capital squadron nicknamed "Living Devil". He is setup by the very people he swears allegiance to and must find out the truth behind a nefarious scheme involving the imperial court. When he first meets Zhao Pan'er, they don't see eye to eye, however this intelligent businesswoman has caught his attention and as they help each other, they get closer to their own goals.

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