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EP1 On Your Marks! Apr 11, 2021

A chance meeting spurs Kanata Akehoshi to leave her family's farm and compete for the title of Cosmo Beauty in the solar system's most prestigious sporting event. With shadowy forces waiting in the wings, will Kanata's toughness and pluck be enough?

EP2 Dreams Begin to Run Apr 18, 2021

Kanata and Shelley's newfound friendship is about to be tested in their first official match. Other teams may be worse off than they are, however, as a loss sparks an argument that threatens to turn serious between two roommates with a troubled past.

EP3 Individual Feelings Apr 25, 2021

With the second game assignment fast approaching, Kanata invites her fellow candidates to a training camp in the mountains. As the girls hone their skills, they gain a new understanding of each other's motivations.

EP4 Crumbling Fair Play May 02, 2021

The second game assignment has begun, and the other candidates begin to question Eva's outstanding performance. Jeff continues to investigate behind the scenes, but the mysterious bomber still has him in their sights.

EP5 Because There's Light May 09, 2021

The race moves to the sea for its second day, but Eva is still far in the lead. Shelley pushes herself to catch up, but can her body take the strain? Meanwhile, Yana struggles with her divided loyalties.

EP6 The Night Before the Decisive Match May 16, 2021

The final day of the race approaching, and Kanata is training hard, determined to beat Eva. Paglia, on the other hand, is focused on discovering Eva's secrets. When she confronts Johann with evidence, is she in for more than she bargained for?

EP7 The Rain That Falls on Destiny May 23, 2021

Yucil triggers a landslide that throws the race into confusion. Yana's doubts come to a head when she is forced to choose between her friendship with Lydia and revenge for her homeland. As stakes and tensions rise, Jeff finally makes his move.

EP8 Memories May 30, 2021

As the footrace enters its final stretch, Kanata is closer to beating Eva than she's ever been. But does she have what it takes to overcome the final hurdle? Meanwhile, Jeff races to stop the bomb Yucil planted at the finish line.

EP9 The Power to Accomplish Jun 06, 2021

In the lull before the next game, Eva reveals her past, and Kanata and her friends resolve to resist the Control Committee. But what can they do against such a powerful enemy, and what will the Committee's next move be?

EP10 A World Out of Reach Jun 13, 2021

With the end of the Grand Games in sight, Paglia returns with an enigmatic new challenger sent by the Control Committee. Will Kanata and the others be able to measure up to her in their toughest game yet?

EP11 Requests Jun 20, 2021

The next game will decide who advances to the final round! The new Eva, representing the Control Committee, is a shoo-in, but who can compete with her astounding abilities? And how far will the Committee go to make sure no one gets the chance?

EP12 Over the Rainbow Jun 27, 2021

Kanata goes head to head with Seva in the finals! Can she outrun an opponent engineered to be unbeatable? Even if she can, the Control Committee is determined to take no chances. Will sportsmanship and passion be enough to overcome their schemes?
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Released: 11 April 2021 Ended
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Potato farmer Kanata Akehoshi represents Earth in a galactic athletics tournament where the winner will be crowned the Cosmic Beauty.

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