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EP1 Our Rendezvous Is Fitly Appointed Apr 04, 2015

A couple of unexpected visitors come to town. The kids are keeping secrets. Professor Hargraves welcomes someone back to class. John looks for work. Hershel gets a special delivery. The FBI and the CIA search for The Plumber.

EP2 The Converging Objects of the Universe Perpetually Flow Apr 04, 2015

The Plumber investigation takes a step forward. Madeline makes a new friend. Regina gets a surprise. Trust issues arise for the Andrews. Scottie takes a case. An old secret comes to light.

EP3 Mortised in Granite Apr 04, 2015

Unexpected visitors interrupt church. Sunday dinner doesn't go exactly as planned. John commits a crime. An old friend spends the day with Frank.

EP4 Form and Union and Plan Apr 04, 2015

A new suspect emerges. Susan studies Alice. Frank and Whittison find common ground. The Sanders take a long drive. Wallace gets the shock of his young life.

EP5 The Threads That Were Spun Are Gathered Apr 04, 2015

Alice goes on a date. The Andrews investigate a possible KGB mole. Ezekiel and John get tough. Hershel avoids confrontation. June has an unexpected dinner companion. Things are bumpy for the detectives.

EP6 Some Intricate Purpose Apr 04, 2015

Ezekiel works in disguise. Hershel faces some truths. Susan seeks comfort in a dangerous place. Hargraves gets a strange call. John has a suspect.

EP7 The Terrible Doubt of Appearances Apr 04, 2015

Hargraves makes a bold move. John doesn’t follow the rules. Wallace’s fate is uncertain. Alice is asked to interpret her vision. The kids turn to a surprising ally. Frank takes a trip.

EP8 All Truths Wait in All Things Apr 04, 2015

Regina has a late visitor. John and Hershel confront realities. Timmy and Madeline knock on the wrong door. Wallace learns of his future. Whittison faces his past.
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It's the 1960s. The height of the Cold War. The rural town of Granite Flats, Colorado, suddenly becomes a hotbed for mystery and intrigue. Almost a year after Hershel Jenkins was released from jail, mystery is still a permanent resident in Granite Flats, Colorado. From small concerns plaguing the citizens of the small town to ongoing FBI investigations, Arthur, Timmy, and Madeline are eager to put their developing detective skills to the test. Their sleuthing goes further than ever before, and they may be biting off more than they can chew. And as it turns out, sleuthing is a family affair. The parents of all three miniature detectives have dipped their toes in the water. Chief Sanders works side by side with the FBI to find a citizen who is disloyal to the country, Beth is embroiled in the center of experimental work at the hospital, and the Doctors Andrews are the masterminds behind the shady experiments. This season, everyone has got a secret and nobody is ready to admit it.

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