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EP1 Episode 1 May 20, 2019

What was supposed to be a sleepy Easter Bank holiday weekend in London's world-famous jewellery quarter is thrown into chaos, when Brian Reader leads a gang of career criminals in an attempt to carry out the daring task of breaking into the vault of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company.

EP2 Episode 2 May 21, 2019

Returning for a second attempt at the Hatton Garden safe deposit vault, the gang members, now led by Terry Perkins, set out to finish what they started. They must obtain new equipment and get back into the building, but time is getting tight with the bank holiday weekend slipping by.

EP3 Episode 3 May 22, 2019

When the Metropolitan Police discover the burglary after the long Easter weekend, the gang members already have a two-day lead on them. They are desperate to split up the stolen goods, but more delays frustrate them. However, they soon come to realise that it is not only the police who are chasing them - Brian Reader also wants his share.

EP4 Episode 4 May 23, 2019

With the surveillance teams hot on their tails, the gang members squabble among themselves over who should receive a cut of the takings. Having performed such a professional raid, they are now behaving like amateurs, and with tensions running high, Perkins breaks his own golden rule by organising another meeting. Will he cut Reader in on the deal?
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Released: 20 May 2019 Ended
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The story of the audacious jewellery, gold and cash burglary at the heart of London's diamond district executed by an elderly gang of career criminals across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in April 2015.

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