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EP1 Bullies Jul 21, 2013

Upbeat and super-positive teen Marsh Merriwether learns a valuable lesson when his best friend is accused of bullying. Meanwhile, Cassandra gets ready for the "It Gets Better After High School" high school dance.

EP2 Sexting Jul 27, 2013

A personal picture of a classmate goes viral, thanks to Cassandra, and Marsh must rally the other guys in school to make the situation less embarrassing.

EP3 Adderall Aug 03, 2013

The pressure is on at High School USA when the gang prepares to take the SAT exam, so they resort to pill-popping measures. Meanwhile, Blackstein joins the school's gay club to beef up his extracurricular activities, but he must hide the fact that he is straight in order to stay in the club and get into college.

EP4 Heroes Aug 10, 2013

Marsh meets his hero, The Candy Diet Guru Garrett Philanders.

EP5 Adoption Aug 17, 2013

Cassandra has an identity crisis when she discovers she's adopted; the gang learns that their band is popular in China.

EP6 Best Friends Forever Aug 24, 2013

Amber gets upset when she learns that her mom is an amateur porn actor, and Marsh must reunite the two former BFFs.

EP7 Janitor Day Nov 02, 2013

High School USA! is about to lose all of its funding unless the gang can find a way to get test scores up.

EP8 Choices Nov 09, 2013

Amber learns she's pregnant and must make a tough decision about whether she has a choice on what to choose to do.

EP9 The Early 90s Nov 16, 2013

The gang is given a class assignment to live one weekend without cell phones and computers, to experience life in the early '90s.

EP10 Gun Control Nov 23, 2013

Cassandra and Amber run for student council president and Marsh questions the school's new self-protection policy.

EP11 Rumspringabreakers Nov 30, 2013

Marsh is worried for Brad's safety when Brad has a Spring Break fling with an Amish Girl.

EP12 Sweet 16 Nov 30, 2013

Marsh realizes he has a hard time dealing with death once Cassandra's dad passes away.
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The super positive, millennial students of High School USA! confront all the unique challenges of growing up in this modern world. Our gang of kids confronts everything from cyber-bullying to sexting to national Adderall shortages. And that’s all before they get home from school where they have to deal with their crazy parents. Just regular kids, doing regular things.

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