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EP1 Dog Gone Wild Nov 07, 2022

A man sues for the 10k court max after being attacked by an off-leash boxer who escaped its dog walker. A neighbor's security camera captures the incident.

EP2 Pedestrians Struck by Car Nov 07, 2022

An uninsured, unlicensed teenager takes her mother's car and strikes a married couple in the crosswalk. They sue for 10K in medical bills and pain and suffering.

EP3 Jailhouse Affair and Stitchy Situation Nov 07, 2022

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. Up first, a man accuses his ex-girlfriend of using his credit card to bail out her new lover and says she stole his emotional support cat. In the 2nd case, a woman says she cancelled her 35th birthday gala because her dress was not delivered in time; she sues the designer for the cost of the party she never had and for emotional distress.

EP4 Drunk Driving Collision Nov 07, 2022

College football-watching devolves into a costly car collision; former high school friends fight over who is to blame.

EP5 Slander on the Movie Set? Nov 08, 2022

An aspiring filmmaker sues a producer/director for unpaid work and defamation of character.

EP6 Mother's Day Grief and Personal Trainer in the Hotseat Nov 09, 2022

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first proceeding, a woman passes away on Mother's Day leaving her grieving son scrambling to pay for funeral expenses. In the second case, a woman sues her trainer for a personal loan; he claims her lawsuit was premature.

EP7 Fighting While High Nov 10, 2022

Half sisters wield a broomstick and a knife in violent disputes against each other; both filed restraining orders and sue for damages.

EP8 Grand Theft Lizard Nov 10, 2022

Ex-business partners fight over their snake-breeding venture; retaliatory theft of a lizard is caught on tape.

EP9 Sword-Wielding Tenant Nov 14, 2022

A man sues his ex-landlord for a false arrest after a heated argument.

EP10 Modern Love Mayhem and Frenchie Fiasco Nov 15, 2022

The Judge presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a young woman sues her ex-lover for damages over an alleged assault. In the next case, a man's foray into the dog-breeding business ends in a 5K lawsuit over a French Bulldog puppy he sold to his tenant.

EP11 Photoshop Fiasco or Social Media Misfortune? Nov 16, 2022

A woman sues a photographer for using photos from a bartered session to promote his business on social media.

EP12 Truck Fight Nov 17, 2022

A mechanic is accused of threatening a customer after a fight over truck repairs escalates.

EP13 Checks and Balances and Roommate Fallout Nov 18, 2022

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, after discovering 8K in 'forged' checks, a woman sends a series of angry texts which leads a man to file for a restraining order. In the next case, a woman is evicted days after moving in; she sues for return of rent and emotional distress.

EP14 Pit Bull Kennel Fail Nov 21, 2022

Twin sisters accuse a retiree of assault after their rental agreement to board dogs falls apart; the defendant claims they hit him in the head with a 2x4.

EP15 Wedding Planner Problem Nov 22, 2022

Newlyweds sue their wedding planner for the 10k court max alleging their wedding party was ejected from a wedding venue; the planner says they still owe her money.

EP16 Sister vs. Brother Nov 23, 2022

A struggling mother of three claims her brother and his girlfriend disposed of her possessions without her permission.

EP17 Washed Up Friendship and Time to Pay the Toll Nov 24, 2022

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a woman asks a friend to buy and install a washer/dryer in her home but refuses to pay him despite her continued use of the appliances. She claims the color wasn't right and that they were damaged. In the second case, when a woman purchases a used car from a friend, she leaves hundreds of toll charges in her wake.

EP18 Phone a Friend Nov 25, 2022

A farm worker must defend against his ex-boss's claims that he owes for a phone, rent and a personal loan.

EP19 Brawl for Dogs Nov 28, 2022

Ex-roommates fight over a violent assault involving a lockout and an emotional support dog; one man claims he blacked out after a chokehold, another says it was self defense.

EP20 Family Woes Nov 29, 2022

After providing a home for her grandchildren while her son was in prison, a woman's relationship with her family falls apart after he and his fiance move in.

EP21 High Security Break-Up Nov 30, 2022

A woman is granted a lifetime restraining order against an ex-boyfriend who sues her for thousands in personal belongings he says she never returned.

EP22 Funeral Feud Dec 01, 2022

Brothers clash over funeral expenses for their mother; accusations of defamation ensue.

EP23 Don't Bully Me Dec 02, 2022

An American Bully breeder sues a man for the remaining balance on a puppy purchased for his seven-year-old daughter.

EP24 Minor Crash and Trade Me Back Dec 05, 2022

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first proceeding, an unlicensed, uninsured teenager driver fails to yield and crashes into a vehicle carrying a mother and her toddler; who is at fault? In the next case, two men sue each other for the court maximum after their car-trade agreement falls apart; the fate of a 1947 classic Chrysler Sedan hangs in the balance.

EP25 Don't Go Fund Me Dec 06, 2022

After an apartment fire made her homeless, a woman sues a former friend who offered her a place to stay, for a wrongful eviction and unwanted sexual advances while staying with him. He countersues for damages due to false accusations.

EP26 Three's a Crowd Dec 07, 2022

After a fight with his pregnant girlfriend, a man invites a female acquaintance to move in; they clash over a personal loan, car damages and assault.

EP27 Rag Doll Dog and Hairy Situation Dec 08, 2022

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, two Pit Bulls jump over a fence and maul a neighbor's small dog; the Judge speaks to the responsibility that comes with owning dangerous dog breeds. In the next case, a woman sues a hairstylist claiming money owed for improperly installing a wig and destroying it.

EP28 Guns Between Friends Dec 09, 2022

A firearms instructor seeks compensation for a valuable rifle he loaned to an ailing client; the defendant says he sold the weapon after the client passed away to satisfy a debt owed by the deceased.

EP29 T-Shirt Throw Down Dec 12, 2022

A fundraising effort via t-shirt sales goes awry when a woman is dissatisfied with sample shirts and asks for a refund from a small business owner; a heated incident and a 5k defamation countersuit follow soon after.

EP30 Holiday Dog Attack Dec 13, 2022

A dog attack on Christmas day divides neighbors who fight over which of their dogs was the aggressor and who is responsible for vet bills.

EP31 Cross Country Rescue and Wedding Debt Denied Dec 14, 2022

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a man drives 2,000 miles to come to the aid of his son and his son's teen fiancé, then is sued by the couple for alleged theft and unpaid wages. In the next case, a newlywed is sued by her sister-in-law for a trip and for wedding expenses.

EP32 To Lease or Not to Lease Dec 15, 2022

While away on vacation in Hawaii, a woman claims her roommate turned in a lease renewal without her permission; the roommate has another story.

EP33 Family Divided Dec 16, 2022

Both parties sue for the 10k court max when parents fight with their child over ownership of an 18-wheeler; the Judge throws out the countersuit after a heated exchange.

EP34 Romantic Reunion Fail and Wolfdog Jan 23, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, a couple reunites after 30 years only to be torn apart over personal loans after an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. In the second case, both parties sue for the 10k court maximum when the cost of a Wolfdog and alleged loss of income are disputed.

EP35 The Unseen Roommate Jan 23, 2023

Relative strangers regret signing a lease together when one loses their job and the other decides not to move in.

EP36 Wig Out in ATL Jan 23, 2023

The owner of a wig business claims that a stylist has been making purchases in someone else's name.

EP37 Sisters No More and The Fix Is In Jan 24, 2023

The Judge presides over two cases in this episode. Up first, after a failed attempt to live together and dueling 10K lawsuits, the only thing two sisters agree on is that their relationship is forever damaged. In the second case, a woman sues a close friend for damages to her car he allegedly caused by attempting to temporarily repair the vehicle for her.

EP38 Tough Love Dad Jan 25, 2023

After being evicted by her father, a teenager sues him for the return of property she says is worth thousands. He accuses her of smoking pot and of breaking promises to help out around the house.

EP39 Roommate Hell Jan 26, 2023

A man is evicted from his own apartment after a roommate files a restraining order against him; they fight over Covid relief, unpaid rent and alleged fraud.

EP40 Side Hustle Fail and Truck-Astrophe Jan 27, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, a man says he is hired by a former high school teammate to make auto-parts deliveries. Their working relationship ends with a claim of unpaid wages. In the second case, a mother of three claims she gave her children's uncle $2700 to buy a truck that never arrived; he claims he delivered the truck to her front door.

EP41 That's a Wrap! and Ex-Con/Author Seeks the Sentimental Jan 30, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first proceeding, a young man decides that his new luxury car needs a clear, protective wrap; his girlfriend provides money for the purchase. She is demanding payback. In the next case, after a lengthy incarceration, a man sues relatives for the return of treasured keepsakes from their family home.

EP42 Water Damage Control Jan 31, 2023

A woman claims a bathroom leak caused extensive water damage after a plumber made a house call; the owner of the plumbing company denies any wrongdoing.

EP43 Chihuahua Fright Feb 01, 2023

A chihuahua is mauled by a larger dog; neighbors fight over liability and vet bills.

EP44 Music Video Conflict and Family Overstays Welcome Feb 02, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. First, a singer/songwriter sues the owner of a video production company for the money paid for music videos; the producer accuses him of violating their contract. In the next case, a woman sues her brother and sister-in-law for thousands in back rent and for damage to her property; they counter with claims of harassment and invasion of privacy.

EP45 Parking Spot Assault Caught on Tape Feb 03, 2023

A security camera captures the moment a senior citizen is shoved to the ground by a neighbor in an ongoing feud over a public parking spot.

EP46 Stop Scrolling! Feb 06, 2023

A woman claims she made concerning discoveries on her boyfriend's phone while he was sleeping. Mutual restraining orders, police intervention and alleged emotional distress come into play soon after.

EP47 Dueling Evictions and Baby Shoes Biz Feb 07, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, a married couple move into a friends' house with 3 kids and 4 dogs in tow and end up suing them over an eviction and alleged property damage. In the second case, a single mother, running a baby shoe business, says the owner of a children's clothing website agreed to buy her company. They argue over the terms of that sale.

EP48 When Parked Cars Attack and Lane-Split Decision Collision Feb 08, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first proceeding, a driver refuses to take responsibility for slamming into a parked car because he says the vehicle was parked illegally. Up next, a motorcyclist is flipped into the air when an uninsured driver fails to yield; each woman claims the other is to blame.

EP49 Teen Tread Lightly Feb 09, 2023

A man claims his landlord illegally entered his apartment and accused his teen son of 'walking too hard'; the police are called to their shared home multiple times to intervene.

EP50 From Flip to Flop Feb 10, 2023

After flipping a home for profit, a realtor sues the videographer she hired to document her successful renovation process. He says he never signed on for a year-long job.

EP51 Trespassing Husband and Cat Lover Chaos Feb 13, 2023

The Judge presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a man sues his estranged wife's boyfriend for damages after being accused of domestic violence when all he was doing was entering his own home. In the next case, ex-roommates, with two cats each, wage emotional warfare over household chores; a heated exchange leaves a woman claiming she feared for her life.

EP52 Graphic Email Revenge Feb 14, 2023

After a bitter break-up, a woman claims her ex-boyfriend showed inappropriate videos of her to his friends and sent a graphic email to her boss. He says she stranded him at a party and trashed his phone

EP53 Dash-Cam Collision and Drug Test Danger Feb 15, 2023

The Judge presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, dash-cam footage of a moped's dramatic collision with a moving car weighs heavily in the determination as to which driver is at fault. In the next case, a federal employee in recovery claims marijuana was being smoked by her fellow tenants. When she brings this to the attention of her landlord, she claims she was evicted

EP54 Minors and Majors Slander (Part 1) Feb 16, 2023

In this two-part episode, a young man accuses his former boss of selling alcohol to a minor and of vandalizing his car.

EP55 Minors and Majors Slander (Part 2) Feb 17, 2023

In part two, an employer counters his ex-employees' lawsuit with a 10K claim against them for slander and for filing a false complaint.

EP56 Roommate Crosses the Line and Podcast Me Out Feb 20, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first, an errant lap dance leads to a heated argument between roommates which escalates into an alleged dog attack and vandalized furniture. In the second case, after receiving a large settlement, a young man invests thousands in his longtime friend's podcast. A case of Covid and differing artistic opinions leave them fighting over equipment.

EP57 Hijacked Harmony Feb 21, 2023

A musician demands recognition and payment for his creative work on a song; he sues for the 10K court maximum for breach of contract.

EP58 Business Review Bombshell Feb 22, 2023

An electrical contractor sues for the 10K court maximum for negative online business reviews that he claims hurt his business; he is countersued for 10K for allegedly filing a frivoulous lawsuit.

EP59 DUI Slam into House and Covid Cancel Feb 23, 2023

The Judge presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a woman is trapped in her home with her terrified dog for hours after an impaired driver crashes through the wall. In the second case, when a destination wedding is cancelled due to COVID, a young woman uses refunded airline vouchers. The bride-to-be says she paid for them, and they should have been returned to her.

EP60 Caught in a Blind Spot and Luxury Car Chew Toy Feb 24, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, a woman is accused of repeatedly backing into a teen's car in her own driveway; her daughter testifies against her. In the 2nd case, a man alleges that at the sight of two growling pit bulls on his front porch, he retreated to the safety of his new car. He says the dogs proceeded to bite and scratch his week-old, luxury vehicle.

EP61 Pool Rules Fail Feb 27, 2023

A tenant's violation of pool rules leads a property manager to take drastic action. The tenant then sues for an alleged assault, attorney fees and emotional distress.

EP62 Brews and Bruise Feb 28, 2023

After the bars close, drinking continues in a park but ends when a flying beer can causes thousands in dental damages to a partygoer. Former high school teammates fight over who is to blame.

EP63 Dance No More and Three's a Crowd Mar 01, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, the Judge shares memories of her own childhood dance experience while mediating a payment dispute between a dance studio owner and a single mother. In the second case, a woman says her roommate's boyfriend entered their shared apartment unannounced and with his own key. She claims the voicing of her safety concerns led to her eviction.

EP64 Short-Term Job Trauma Mar 02, 2023

A woman claims her former employer accused her of being a drug addict and withheld wages. Her employer countersues for defamation of character.

EP65 Sisters Cry Neglect! Mar 03, 2023

A failed attempt at living together leaves sisters in a bitter dispute over alleged child neglect, a mysterious call to CPS and police intervention after a lockout.

EP66 Underage Rage and Pet Debt Relief Mar 06, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a Father's Day standoff between a teenager and his girlfriends' stepsister ends with the violent smashing of a car mirror. In the second, a man admits that he was only present during the euthanization of a beloved pet because his ex-girlfriend said she would forgive a debt if he provided emotional support.

EP67 Business Is Only Skin Deep Mar 07, 2023

A spa owner sues a former employee for the 10k court maximum claiming that the aesthetician broke their non-compete agreement and started working well within the seven-mile radius of her business.

EP68 Restrained Grandfather Mar 08, 2023

Despite being slapped with a restraining order for threatening his ex son-in-law, a grandfather continues to seek payback from him. An eviction, marital debt and care for his grandchildren come into play.

EP69 Unlicensed Teen Accident and Don't Pocket My Profit Mar 09, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a high school teacher accuses a student of a hit-and-run; the teen's father is reprimanded for allowing his uninsured teen to drive without a license. In the second case, after a woman's business is shut down by the government due to Covid, ex-roommates accuse each other of taking advantage of the rental relief program.

EP70 Powerless Landlord Mar 10, 2023

A landlord's new property comes complete with previous tenants who sue him for child endangerment due to alleged lead poisoning. The landlord countersues when they stop paying rent.

EP71 Pay to Play and Contract Controversy Mar 13, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a hair-salon owner helps a friend pay for a luxury vehicle which he proceeds to crash; instead of paying her back, he then buys an expensive electric sports car. In the second case, A man accuses his ex-friend of repossessing his car without just cause and demands payback for the 5K he put into it.

EP72 Bobcat Bitterness Mar 14, 2023

An unlicensed contractor sues for damages after a married couple stops payment on a $4200 check for demolition work. They accuse him of property theft and dispute payment for a tractor rental.

EP73 Kindness or Kidnapping? Mar 15, 2023

A man accuses his sister of kidnapping his special-needs teenager who was, unbeknownst to him, in need of life-saving, emergency brain surgery. The sister is seeking reimbursement for costs associated with that surgery and return of her nephew’s property.

EP74 Post-Funeral Property Fail and Not a Pleasure Doing Business Mar 16, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, years after the death of their mother, sisters fight over the disbursement details of her personal belongings. A woman says she only wants one photo with her mother as a keepsake. In the second case, an independent contractor on disability sues an old friend for an unpaid loan and money allegedly stolen from their joint bank account.

EP75 Mini Schnauzer vs. Pit Bull Mar 17, 2023

Police body-cam footage captures a woman's admission and regret that her pit bull attacked a neighbor's miniature schnauzer. Her actions after the attack tell a different story when pictures surface that show her off-leash pit bull roaming the neighborhood.

EP76 Look Out for That Cone! Mar 20, 2023

An amateur pilot sues for the 10K court maximum when his plane is allegedly damaged by a certified flight instructor who hit an object on the runway. Damning video evidence comes into play.

EP77 One-Wheel Whammy and All Bets Are Off Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a teenager on a one-wheel, electric skateboard plows into the side of a car, flies onto the hood and falls to the ground. Lucky to be alive, he now faces a motorist suing for vehicle damages. In the next case, a single father wins a $36,000 sports gambling payout and gives his ex-roommate 6K to 'hold' for him. She claims it was a gift.

EP78 Sort of Married Mar 22, 2023

Both parties seek the 10K court maximum when a man's death brings to light the fact that he was never married to his 'wife'. Family members and his estranged 'partner' fight over an allegedly false police report and personal property.

EP79 World's Worst Intervention Mar 23, 2023

A woman is lured into an ill-conceived 'intervention' at a friend's home by being told she will receive drugs once she gets there. She is sued for breaking a TV in a fit of rage, but countersues for damages caused by the emotional trauma she suffered.

EP80 Dumbest Move for Unmarried Couples Mar 24, 2023

Scrappy the French Bulldog makes an appearance in court when a woman sues her kickboxer exboyfriend for custody of their shared pet. The Judge admonishes them for making a long-term pet decision in a short-term relationship.

EP81 Vengeful Plumber and Relationship Repair Mar 27, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, when a plumber sues an employer for filing an allegedly false restraining order, the Judge must decide if an ominous voicemail was cause enough for the complaint. In the second case, long after a relationship ends, dueling text messages help the Judge decipher the facts about a disputed loan between ex-lovers.

EP82 Vandalism and Cyberbullying (1) Mar 28, 2023

In this two-part episode, a man fears for his safety and leaves his home when six men show up to defend his roommate during a heated argument. He returns the next day to find his room has been thoroughly vandalized.

EP83 Vandalism and Cyberbullying (2) Mar 29, 2023

In part two, a woman claims she was framed for vandalism and falsely arrested. She seeks compensation for slashed tires and alleged cyberbullying.

EP84 Mothers, Fathers, Boyfriends Oh My! Mar 30, 2023

When divorced parents sue each other for the 10k court maximum, a teenager is caught in the middle of a feud over a 'maliciously' towed vehicle and multiple reports to child services.

EP85 Mean Girls and Wedding Planner vs. Newlywed Mar 31, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a man with 4 children by 3 different women is at the center of a fight between two of the mothers. He remains silent while they fight over harassment, alleged gun-brandishing and vandalism. In the 2nd case, a bride only offers $50 to her planner who paid thousands to help make sure her California ranch wedding took place during the pandemic.

EP86 Cat Fight Apr 03, 2023

A fight breaks out between female veterinary workers and a passionate pet owner in seek of emergency care for his injured cat. He sues for damages after receiving a black eye in the parking lot.

EP87 Deposit Disaster Apr 04, 2023

A woman's demand that her 4K security deposit be returned is marred by the fact that she took the doorbell with her when she left.

EP88 Skincare Snakedown (1) Apr 05, 2023

In this two-part episode, a cosmetics salesman is accused of accosting and holding a woman captive for hours plying her with compliments and free samples.

EP89 Skincare Snakedown (2) Apr 06, 2023

In part two, the customer 'escapes' by purchasing an $8,000 rejuvenation wand and sues for fraud soon after.

EP90 Grand Theft Child Apr 07, 2023

After 'kidnapping' her own child from a family member and evading police, a woman is charged with child endangerment and spends four months in jail. She accuses her mother of stealing thousands from her while she was imprisoned.

EP91 Festival Drug Business and Step-Father Car Fiasco Apr 10, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first case, a woman loans 10K to a new friend to support his supplement business; he claims it was an investment in a plan to sell 'happy pills' at festivals. Up next, a single mother with four children and good credit sues for 10k when her stepfather reneges on a car deal. She is left with payments for 2 vehicles and a dwindling credit score.

EP92 Business Partners No More Apr 11, 2023

Six years of peace and harmony between divorcees come to an abrupt halt when three ATVs and a $58,000 truck are at stake.

EP93 Cheating Expulsion Apr 12, 2023

When a young man is caught cheating three times, he is expelled from school. His steadfast father reverses charges for his son's tuition and is now faced with a lawsuit by administration for doing so.

EP94 He Stole My Land! Apr 13, 2023

When neighbors feud over property and attorney fees, the Judge shares her own personal story about a neighbor who refused to amicably resolve an easement issue.

EP95 Costume Wars and Elder Abuse Accusation Apr 14, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first, an online influencer seeks the 10K court maximum from a tailor he claims botched the creation of his dream costume. The 'ill-fitting' ensemble is modelled in court by its disgruntled owner. Up next, a caregiver takes $400 from a 90-year-old dementia patient because 'she told me to.' After her patient suffers a fall, she is dismissed.

EP96 Cash Not Cops Apr 17, 2023

To avoid points on his driving record, a trucker offers cash to a fellow motorist after an accident. Their arrangement falls apart when repair estimate amounts and dates vary wildly.

EP97 Baby Horse Rejection and Bad Bug Paint Job Apr 18, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a woman makes a deposit on a foal six months before its birth but wants out of the contract once the animal is born. Believing the baby horse could not be insured, she sues for breach of contract. In the second case, a disabled veteran sues for a $6500 refund when the paint job on her beloved 1969 Volkswagen starts 'bubbling'.

EP98 Beachside Community Fail Apr 19, 2023

A man is sued for property damage to a $1400 a month pool house with no indoor plumbing. He claims his landlord assaulted him in a fight over unpaid utilities and disrespect.

EP99 Go Fund Me Memorial Dispute and Passed Out Behind the Wheel Apr 20, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, after a popular medical student tragically drowns, his friends raise over 40K in his honor. His mother and sister fight over his property and the funds collected. Next, a woman denies being under the influence of anything other than Benadryl when she slams into a parked car and pushes it 25 feet down a sidewalk. She is sued for damages.

EP100 No Tub Left Behind Apr 21, 2023

An ex-con's fresh start with his wife in a new home is marred by their landlords' lawsuit over property damage, unpaid rent and defamation. A missing claw-foot tub comes into play.

EP101 Dude Where's My Truck? and Broken Bonds Apr 24, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first, a young man tries to do the right thing when he pays his great aunt $500 for an old truck she left on his property. She sues him for 5K after he disposes of the vehicle. Up next, a man is arrested when an argument with a friend escalates into a public altercation. ‘False' arrest claims are questioned when an active warrant comes to light.

EP102 Mother and Son Fallout and Crypto Controversy Apr 25, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a mother and son are no longer on speaking terms after a deal to purchase a van falls apart. He claims the inoperable van was a gift and that any discussion of money was only to appease her after the fact. In the next case, a mechanical engineer and a programmer fight over profits from their shared cryptocurrency mining business.

EP103 Car Keying Caught on Tape Apr 26, 2023

A not-so-neighborly dog walk results in vandalism and police intervention. A woman sues for a false arrest, lawyer fees and damages caused by the trauma of a night in jail.

EP104 Meet the Truth! and Loan Shark Sticker Shock Apr 27, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a man changes his story many times when asked to prove that monies loaned to him by an ex were never meant to be paid back. In the next case, following their break-up, a man loans the mother of his child 10K to escape the burden of 500-800% interest rates on her personal debt. They fight over payback when a new boyfriend comes into play.

EP105 Mexican Pet-Napping Fiasco Apr 28, 2023

Both parties seek the 10K court maximum when a real-estate purchase 10 miles south of the border goes awry. A new homeowner is accused of illegally evicting the previous owner and extorting her for money by holding her pets as ransom.

EP106 Hit-and-Run House Slam and 'Kayak Conflict May 01, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a victim of a hit-and-run makes the split-second decision to slam her car into a house instead of oncoming traffic. Her actions may have saved lives, but she is sued for property damage by a homeowner. Up next, an alcohol-fueled altercation over a cheating girlfriend leaves friends at odds over an alleged assault and two kayaks.

EP107 Bouncy House vs. Large Dogs May 02, 2023

Two large dogs set their sights on a 38-foot, inflatable, obstacle course and chew into a portion of the structure. Business partners seek compensation for damages to their party rental equipment.

EP108 You Totaled my Car! and Gambling Girlfriends May 03, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first case, a 21-year-old drives her guardian's car without permission, crashes and totals the vehicle leaving family members to fight over damages. Up next, former gambling buddies fight over a jackpot win, missing jewelry and a little white lie to a boyfriend about where the grocery money went.

EP109 Cash Clash and Sip n' See Dispute May 04, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. In the first, both parties seek the 10K court maximum when old friends fight over an RV escalates into a physical assault. Up next, new parents hire an event planner to organize a Sip n' See celebration of their newborn child. The planner backs out when jealousy and threats surface; she is sued for a refund.

EP110 Co-Parenting Strife May 05, 2023

Bad blood between unwed parents leads to a fight over a three-year-old car accident and an attempt to collect far more than the car is worth. Jail time, alleged domestic violence and admitted drug use come into play.

EP111 Farmin' Pigs Profit Margin May 08, 2023

In a small Idaho farming community, a teenager sells four piglets to a neighbor and expects to be paid in full. The buyer claims all four animals died and that he owes nothing.

EP112 Prison Pen Pal Trouble May 09, 2023

An unlikely friendship develops between a male nurse and a female inmate through a prison pen pal program. Soon after her release, their once-supportive relationship devolves into a fight over stimulus checks and a car loan.

EP113 What Not to Teach Your Teenager and Padding the Bill? May 10, 2023

The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, despite eye-witness testimony, a man insists that his unlicensed girlfriend was not driving his truck when it backed into a neighbor's house. His teenage son backs up his story. Next, a mechanic refuses to return a woman's wrecked car until he is paid; she admits to spending insurance money intended for car repairs on her own personal expenses.

EP114 Generational Scam May 11, 2023

A senior victim of bank fraud seeks restitution from her teenage, great granddaughter who made the mistake of accepting mysterious checks from an ex-con relative.

EP115 Violence Between Foster Friends May 12, 2023

Teenagers who met in foster care get into a catfight over a boy. Their fight escalates into an aggressive act of caught-on-tape vandalism, an arrest and a 10K lawsuit.

EP116 Love Triangle Drama and Halloween Party Gone Wrong May 15, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. First, a young woman breaks up with her live-in boyfriend and starts to date their new roommate. The ex-boyfriend sues the happy new couple for $10K and for the return of his two cats. Next, business partners pay $6K to rent a party space for teens; they sue for breach of contract when event restrictions are put in place without their approval.

EP117 Caregiver Stayed But Not Paid May 16, 2023

A man is sued for alleged failure to pay his late mother's caregiver. He accuses the healthcare worker of contributing to the 'delinquency of an elderly patient' by giving his dying mother cigarettes and marijuana.

EP118 Car Thief Hit-and-Run May 17, 2023

A 14-year-old girl steals her mother's car, goes on a joyride and T-bones an unsuspecting motorist on her way to work.

EP119 Teen Party Flood Damage and Inheritance Damages May 18, 2023

A teenager accidentally breaks a sprinkler and causes $9K in flooding throughout an apartment building; after inheriting her late brother's home, a woman triples the rent on his remaining tenant and sues him for alleged property damage.

EP120 Daycare Dilemma May 19, 2023

The Judge questions a young mother's decision to leave her babies in a potentially dangerous situation.

EP121 Child Abuse Allegation Nightmare (Part 1) May 22, 2023

In this two-part episode, a woman who suffered abuse as a child is convinced her neighbor is guilty of neglect and reports her to DCS multiple times.

EP122 Child Abuse Allegation Nightmare (Part 2) May 23, 2023

In part two, the Judge must decide if a woman's allegations are justified as feuding neighbors sue for the 10k court maximum over an alleged assault and shocking charges of child endangerment.

EP123 Car Rental Mystery May 24, 2023

Former army buddies pool their resources to purchase one luxury vehicle in order to start a car rental business; a doomed rental ends with the vehicle being wrecked, their insurance being dropped and thousands in damage.

EP124 Widow Cries Thief! May 25, 2023

A young widow with a newborn baby claims her deceased husband's best friend stole money from his account; the best friend defends his actions passionately and says the money went to a GoFundMe set up for his children.

EP125 Puppy Problems May 26, 2023

To make ends meet, young parents decide to sell their pets; they immediately regret their decision and fight for the return of one of their dogs.

EP126 Hoop Nightmare May 29, 2023

To compensate for lost playing time during Covid, a devoted father pays a basketball coach $8500 to start up a team for his son. He sues for damages when the team falls apart.

EP127 Next Level Road Rage May 30, 2023

A man claims he was falsely arrested after a road rage incident in which he was accused of wielding a gun. The victim of his alleged fury submits her frantic 911 call claiming a gunshot can be heard in the background.

EP128 Small Business Grudge May 31, 2023

A battle of bad online reviews is waged in rural Michigan between a pet daycare business and a water supply company.

EP129 Divorcee Debate and Goldendoodle Mishap Jun 01, 2023

Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, divorcees fight over the fate of $10k in tools: he says she had no right to sell his deceased father's equipment; she says the mortgage had to be paid, and they only sold for $1K. Up next, "Dulce" the Goldendoodle puppy suffers a broken leg while in the care of a new dog sitter who is accused of leaving the pet alone with a child.

EP130 Teen Caught in the Middle Jun 02, 2023

Estranged parents fight over their teenager's cell phone, sporting events and a trip to Portugal.

EP131 Pit Bull Ambush (1) Jun 05, 2023

In this two-part episode, a woman does her boss a favor by dropping off lunch to her home only to be attacked by her pit bull the moment she steps through the doorway. The terrifying attack is caught on video.

EP132 Pit Bull Ambush (2) Jun 06, 2023

In part two, after a pit-bull attack, the dog's owner insists that the victim was given fair warning and told not to enter the home.

EP133 Father and Son Scooter Collision Jun 07, 2023

While riding a scooter together, a man and his son are hit by a truck and thrown to the ground; the father sues the driver for damages but soon finds himself in the hot seat over his handling of the scooter.

EP134 Feuding Sisters Jun 08, 2023

After a failed attempt at living together, sisters fight over property damage and the alleged theft of over $14k from their grandmother's inheritance.

EP135 Baby Bird Fatality and Dedicated Grandmother: Deliquent Father Jun 09, 2023

In this episode, the Judge rules on two cases. Up first, a German Shepherd digs under a fence, enters a neighbor's house and kills their baby Macaw. The dog’s owner says they should have had a stronger fence. In the next case, a woman faces an uphill battle trying to collect on a loan from her granddaughter's father. The Judge is appalled by how he treats the woman raising his 12-year-old child.
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The Honorable Judy Sheindlin, retired Judge of the Manhattan family Court, brings her signature blend of sharp wit and wisdom, hilarious candor and unwavering honesty that has made her America’s favorite judge for over 25 years, as she presides over real cases, arbitrates binding decisions and delivers what only she can: “Judy Justice.”

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