Long Slow Exhale


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EP1 Traveling Violations Apr 04, 2022

After winning the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship, Head Coach J.C. Abernathy's path to a repeat victory is threatened when a team scandal begins to surface and a dead body appears without warning.

EP2 Full Court Press Apr 04, 2022

As the university tries to keep a scandalous story contained, J.C. gets an ominous warning.

EP3 Power Forward Apr 04, 2022

As more women find the courage to come forward, J.C. struggles with having missed what was happening right under her nose.

EP4 Away Game Apr 11, 2022

A bold choice from J.C. puts her in some dangerous crosshairs, and late-night drills on the road force the team to a breaking point.

EP5 Setting the Screen Apr 11, 2022

Following her injury, Shannon begins to reconsider her position on keeping coach's misconduct a secret.

EP6 Pressure Defense Apr 11, 2022

Shannon agrees to an on-camera interview, and Jordan's impromptu post on social media comes with consequences.

EP7 Technical Foul Apr 18, 2022

As J.C. tries to figure out who she can still trust, some damning personal drama catches up to one of the team members right before a big game.

EP8 Out of Bounds Apr 18, 2022

Increasingly suspicious of the university administration, J.C. works to piece together the mystery of Hillman's sordid past.

EP9 High Post Apr 18, 2022

As J.C. continues to dig into the university's cover ups, she must decide whether or not she'll ever come forward with the truth.

EP10 Dead Ball Foul Apr 25, 2022

As J.C. reflects on quieter moments of her past, a pivotal figure finally comes forward with the truth as Hillman spirals towards his demise.

EP11 Fast Break Apr 25, 2022

Following a shocking death, J.C. turns to a trusted ally for help; meanwhile, the team must put aside their differences to save one of their own.

EP12 Madness Apr 25, 2022

With the playoff tournament underway, evidence mounts around Hillman's accident; meanwhile, J.C. is running out of places to hide as the walls close in around her.
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Set in the competitive world of women's college basketball, this series follows the successful head coach of a championship team who finds herself embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal that threatens to destroy everything she's built. As she tries to find the truth among the many secrets she uncovers, she is forced to make hard decisions that will affect her, her family and the team of female athletes who all rely on her.

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