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EP1 Good vs. Evil Jan 26, 2023

The gods have no intention of letting the humans win the next round; for their next fighter, they present none other than the great hero, Hercules.

EP2 The Indomitable War God Jan 26, 2023

The spectators notice that the tattoos on Hercules have grown significantly — and if they continue to grow, the hero will suffer a painful death.

EP3 Birth of a Monster Jan 26, 2023

In late 19th century London, the young son of a prostitute has a special ability that helps him survive the poverty he was born into.

EP4 The Final Labor Jan 26, 2023

Although he’s lost his left arm, Hercules remains steadfast, easily summoning the strength to unleash his ultimate move: the Twelfth Labor.

EP5 Requiem Jan 26, 2023

The brutal fourth round has pushed both fighters beyond their breaking point; when the winner is finally announced, there is no joy or celebration.

EP6 Conflicting Motives Jan 26, 2023

To capitalize on humanity's momentum, Brünnhilde pays a visit to the colossal Tameemon Raiden, the most powerful sumo wrestler in history.

EP7 Hundred Seals Jan 26, 2023

Stepping into the sumo ring to take on Tameemon Raiden is the God of Destruction, the Destroyer himself: Supreme Lord Shiva.

EP8 The Pinnacle of 1116 Jan 26, 2023

Years ago, Shiva spent many happy days with his best friend Rudra. Then one day, Rudra asks Shiva to join him on a journey to the top.

EP9 Resonance Jan 26, 2023

As a child, Raiden had to suppress his full strength so he wouldn’t hurt other people. But now, to win this battle, he’s not holding anything back.

EP10 The Brink Jan 26, 2023

The match comes to a moving end. Even Zeus is impressed by humanity's powerful spirit; but he's going to make sure the gods get the ultimate victory.
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Released: 17 June 2021 Returning Series
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Before eradicating humankind from the world, the gods give them one last chance to prove themselves worthy of survival. Let the Ragnarok battles begin.

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