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EP1 Goodbye, Summer Days Apr 15, 2022

Shinpei Ajiro returns to his hometown of Hitogashima in Wakayama City for the first time in two years upon hearing the news of the death of his childhood friend, Ushio Kofune.

EP2 Shadow Apr 22, 2022

Shinpei was supposed to have been shot in the head by Mio's "shadow," but when he regained consciousness, he was on a ferry heading to Hitogashima.

EP3 Drifting Ashore Apr 29, 2022

Shinpei, who was killed by Mio, the "shadow," repeats July 22 again. In order to find out the truth about the "shadow," Shinpei visits the Kobayakawa family, whose family disappeared the day after Ushio's funeral, and encounters the "shadow" of Shiori Kobayakawa, the girl who was the cause of Ushio's accident.

EP4 Jamais Vu May 06, 2022

On the night of the summer festival, a "shadow" of Ushio appears in front of Shinpei. Unlike the other "shadows," she acts as if she were Ushio herself before her death.

EP5 Maelstrom May 13, 2022

Shinpei is saved by a woman who was a passenger on the ferry.

EP6 Orbital Resonance May 20, 2022

July 22nd, the fourth time. Hizuru Minakata is the woman who met Shinpei on the ferry and told him the name "Ryunosuke Nagumo".

EP7 Enemy May 27, 2022

Hizuru reads the loop record compiled by Shinpei and determines that what is happening to him is true.

EP8 Memento Jun 03, 2022

Shinpei returns to the Kobune family as Hizuru and Ginjiro watch over him to defeat Mio's "shadow" that appeared in the first night. However, Ushio, who was not "supposed to be there" yet, appears.

EP9 Flow, My Tears Jun 10, 2022

The video left on the cell phone which Ushio left, they see Ushio and her Shadow together. The two Ushio's begin to talk about the events from the time they met to the time they left the video

EP10 Into the Darkness Jun 17, 2022

Shinpei learns the truth about Ushio's death.

EP11 Feeding Time Jun 24, 2022

Shinpei, Ushio, and Sou are surrounded by shadows. However, the shadows are only targeting Ushio.

EP12 Bloody Night Jul 01, 2022

Tokiko, the younger sister of Sou, says that she has been feeding dead people to Hiruko-sama, calling them "food". Hiruko-sama was Heine, a girl in kimono whom the "big shadow" who appeared at the Nittogashima Shrine on the day of the summer festival, had called her "Mother".

EP13 Friend Jul 08, 2022

The fifth time, on July 22. When Shinpei regains consciousness, it is at the same time that Hizuru becomes convinced that Shinpei is a time traveler. He tells Hizuru about his past experiences and she decides to trust Shinpei and work together with him.

EP14 to be/not to be Jul 15, 2022

EP15 Lights, Camera, Action Jul 22, 2022

EP16 Original Jul 29, 2022

EP17 Decision Aug 05, 2022

EP18 Meeting Aug 12, 2022

EP19 Made in Black Aug 19, 2022

EP20 All Is (Not) Lost. Aug 26, 2022

EP21 Shinpei Ajiro's Longest Day Sep 02, 2022

Seido Hishigata appears before Shinpei, who is in despair over Hizuru's death. In the course of his conversation with Seido, Shinpei learned a new clue about Shide.

EP22 Homecoming Sep 09, 2022

Holding the necklace left behind by Shadow Ushio, the "first Ushio" inherited all the memories. As Shinpei had planned, Ushio has made a complete comeback.

EP23 Eternal Night Sep 16, 2022

Hiruko is still not defeated and a small part of her remains. Ushio and Shinpei's right eyes resonate. Shide, who was surely defeated, appears before their eyes again like an immortal.

EP24 Summertime Re-Rendering Sep 23, 2022

EP25 Episode 25 Sep 30, 2022

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Released: 15 April 2022 Returning Series
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Upon hearing of Ushio's death, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama City on Hitogashima and reunites with his childhood friend's family. The funeral goes smoothly, but under the surface something strange is brewing on the island. What mysteries await him on this secluded summer island?

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