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EP1 Dr. Robert Bishop & Ryan Grim Jan 04, 2022

Cenk Uygur hosts. Dr. Robert Bishop discusses his idea of ""less than lethal"" methods of conflict. Ryan Grim answers Cenk's questions about why DC journalists still support Hillary Clinton, and why Pramila Jayapal thinks the BBB fail should be considered a success.

EP2 Marianne Williamson Jan 05, 2022

Sen. Nina Turner hosts. Author, activist, and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson joins to reflect on her presidential campaign, and shares her thoughts on how to resolve the world's most pressing issues.

EP3 Ron Fein & Lizz Winstead Jan 06, 2022

Adrienne Lawrence hosts. Free Speech for People Legal Director Ron Fein joins to break down what section 3 of the 14th amendment means for capitol rioters trying to run for office in 2022. Abortion Access Front Founder Lizz Winstead joins to comment on the fear that healthcare providers are experiencing due to abortion restrictions around the country.

EP4 Rev. Stephen Green & Lourin Hubbard Jan 10, 2022

Cenk Uygur hosts. Rev. Stephen Green joins to discuss why he is hunger striking for voting rights. CA-21 Congressional Candidate Lourin Hubbard joins to talk about his campaign to replace Devin Nunes' vacant seat.

EP5 Corbin Trent & Eric Ward Jan 11, 2022

Cenk Uygur hosts. No Excuses Pac founder Corbin Trent joins to discuss his recent comments criticizing President Biden. Executive Director of the Western States Center and senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center Eric Ward returns to discuss how the Republican party is moving toward fascism.

EP6 Svante Myrick Jan 12, 2022

Sen. Nina Turner hosts. People For the American Way Executive Director Svante Myrick joins to talk about the work of PFAW and the fight for voting rights.

EP7 TBA Jan 13, 2022

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Cenk Uygur sits down for quick but substantive interviews with political and cultural thought leaders from around the US and the world. Expect to see politicians from both sides of the aisle, media personalities, actors, directors, and more.

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