Thermae Romae Novae


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EP1 All Baths Lead to Rome Mar 28, 2022

While bathing in the public bathhouse his grandfather designed and built, a boy in ancient Rome is momentarily transported to a very strange place.

EP2 The Thermae Architect Who Leapt Through Time Mar 28, 2022

Rome, 128 A.D. In a golden age of bathhouse innovation, bathhouse architect Lucius tries to come up with fresh ideas that will set his designs apart.

EP3 Lucius Builds an Outdoor Bath Mar 28, 2022

After Consul Lepidus asks him to build an outdoor bath with a view of Mt. Vesuvius, Lucius suddenly finds himself bathing among strange-looking monkeys.

EP4 Lucius Builds an Indoor Bath Mar 28, 2022

Lucius ends up in a small bathroom in a modern Japanese house and is completely fascinated by everything he finds.

EP5 Lucius Builds a Bath in Emperor Hadrian's Villa Mar 28, 2022

Impressed by his creativity, Emperor Hadrian invites Lucius to his opulent villa and asks him to build a private bath.

EP6 Lucius Builds a Hot Stone Spa Mar 28, 2022

Lucius works to complete a bathing area for soldiers fighting on the front lines — and not a minute too soon, as the men are in dire need of healing.

EP7 Lucius Appears on the Tokaido Road in the Edo Period Mar 28, 2022

While stopping in an unwelcoming tavern during his long journey home, Lucius surfaces in a comfortable Edo-era rest stop along the Tokaido road.

EP8 Lucius Learns Bathing Etiquette in Japan Mar 28, 2022

Lucius encounters a set of very rude bathers who don't seem to know the first thing about proper bathhouse etiquette.

EP9 Lucius Meets a Fellow Architect in Japan Mar 28, 2022

On a construction site for a Roman-style spa in modern day Japan, Lucius meets a fellow bathhouse architect.

EP10 Lucius Builds a Theme Bath Mar 28, 2022

Emperor Hadrian asks Lucius to devote himself to building a large public bathhouse in the name of his son and heir to the Empire.

EP11 Lucius Builds a Spa Town Mar 28, 2022

To undermine public support for the Emperor, some members of the Senate scheme to get rid of the man behind the popular bathhouses: Lucius.
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Released: 28 March 2022 Ended
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A proud bath architect in ancient Rome starts randomly surfacing in present-day Japan, where he's inspired by the many bathing innovations he finds.

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