Deep Insanity: The Lost Child


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EP1 take 01 Oct 13, 2021

A strange disease is linked to a mysterious hole that leads to an underground world: the Asylum. "Sleepers" come to this world to fight strange monsters and retrieve unknown resources. Now, a young man who dreams of being a hero has arrived at the Asylum.

EP2 take 02 Oct 20, 2021

As Shigure begins to settle into his new life as a Sleeper, he begins to wonder what he is good at and what he can accomplish at the Asylum.

EP3 take 03 Oct 27, 2021

Larry goes on a dangerous and illegal mission deep in the Asylum and forces Shigure to go with him.

EP4 take 04 Nov 03, 2021

Shigure delves into XO Leslie's past when a mysterious assailant suddenly ambushes him.

EP5 take 05 Nov 10, 2021

Shigure is always embarrassed around Kobato and the rest of the team thinks he might have a crush on her. They hatch a plan to bring them together, but...

EP6 take 06 Nov 17, 2021

The day of the plan has arrived and the team heads towards the Asylum. But when Hayden shows up during the mission, things go terribly wrong.

EP7 take 07 Nov 24, 2021

With Leslie's death, the team is forced to find its way alone. And Shigure starts to have doubts about his mission...

EP8 take 08 Dec 01, 2021

With strong pressure from the command hierarchy, Vera decides to lead a mission to the Asylum on her own.

EP9 take 09 Dec 08, 2021

Vera is trapped in a time loop as she tries to complete her assassination mission. She reflects on the best way to make the mission successful.

EP10 Re:take Dec 15, 2021

Vera drives Shigure away from the platoon, but he's not ready to leave the Asylum... yet.

EP11 Revolution Dec 22, 2021

Now trapped in a time loop, Shigure struggles to unravel the mystery behind EL-Cee and Iceman's plans.

EP12 Resolution Dec 29, 2021

Shigure travels through time once more to save Vera and stop Iceman from destroying the world.
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Released: 13 October 2021 Ended
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Country: Japan
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A mysterious illness. An underground realm at its origin. Gifted with immunity, one young man enters to find a cure.

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