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EP1 Self Introduction Jan 11, 2020

In preparation for Spring Nationals, the boys' measurements are taken, invoking friendly competition amongst the team. Kageyama is invited to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp, while Tsukishima is invited to the first-year only prefecture-wide training camp. In a fit of jealousy, Hinata sneaks into Tsukishima's camp. Despite the initial confusion, Shiratorizawa's coach allows Hinata to attend the camp as a ball boy to test his skills independent of Kageyama.

EP2 Lost Jan 18, 2020

Hinata was lectured after causing trouble by Sawamura Daichi, Coach Ukai and his school Teacher Advisor's Takeda, who said "He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom". Back at Shiratorizawa, Hinata observes the practice session as a ball boy. A surprise match against Shiratorizawa's third years and alumni was set up for the camp participants. In between sets, Hinata took a moment alone in the equipment room.

EP3 Point Of View Jan 25, 2020

With Coach Ukai's advice in mind to not go underestimating what it takes to be a ball boy, Hinata comes out with a clearer mind. Hinata works on receiving the ball in different ways by reading the spikers' form, a skill that he learned in middle school. For personal training, Hinata volunteers to be on the receiving side in an effort to practice his split form. Back at Karasuno High, the boys had a practice match with Tokonami High while they practicing on their serves, realizing that they preferred to do the penalty whether they win or lose. Kageyama continues his practice at National Youth Camp and subconsciously set his toss higher than usual.

EP4 Take it Easy Feb 01, 2020

Tsukishima surprised Hinata by joining the Blocking Practice session. At the National Youth Camp, Kageyama had been the most reserved attendee. Sakusa is curious about the Karasuno-Shiratorizawa qualifying match. Later, he was challenged by another setter, Miya Atsumu. Back in Shiratorizawa, Tsukishima realised that he isn't the tallest in the group. He tries to find various tactics to block future spikers in the upcoming national tournament. As a ball boy, Hinata has been observing Kunimi's characteristics. Being the newest and the tallest attendee, Hyakuzawa from Kadokawa High couldn't keep up with the training. Hinata is able to encourage him by telling him to take things easy which helps Hyakuzawa on track with his training.

EP5 Hunger Feb 08, 2020

As a ball boy, Hinata has been observing each player, mirroring their playing styles and asking numerous questions about volleyball. In Tokyo, Kageyama has been exposed to various positions aside from being a setter and has made acquaintances who he will see at nationals. Back at Karasuno, the boys have been practicing on their serves. Takeda has been contacting various schools for practice matches before the Spring tournament. The next morning, Kageyama and Hinata reunite. Kageyama is pleasantly surprised that Hinata has been a ball boy at the camp and they both share information about the attendees. The team finds out that Date Tech will be the first school on the list for Karasuno.

EP6 Enhancements Feb 15, 2020

On their first day back, the boys practiced on their serves. Kinoshita is able to float serve while Yamaguchi has yet to master a jump serve. Hinata surprised everyone by being able to receive Kageyama's powerful serve. For personal training, Kageyama coaches Hinata on his jump technique by using Hoshiumi as his reference. Date Tech comes over to Karasuno for a friendly match. The boys face various new challenges from Date Tech's newly evolved "Iron Wall" defense.

EP7 Return Feb 22, 2020

Kageyama have been on the edge since his return from Tokyo. He refrained his old habits by being silence. Hinata managed to ease the tension by reminding Kageyama of his growth since they met. Coach Ukai used this opportunity to encourage the team to have effective communication. Later, Kageyama experimented his tosses with Tsukishima to break through the "Iron Wall".

EP8 Challenger Feb 29, 2020

The practice match against Date Tech is now into the fourth set. Coach Ukai decides on Kinoshita after seeing him hiding and avoiding eye contact. Coach Ukai encourages Kinoshita by acknowledging his ability to score but warns him not to pull the vanishing act again. Karasuno continues to employ their newly learned techniques and finds them effective even against the iron wall. Ultimately, Asahi breaks through three blockers to clinch the final set, resulting in both teams having 4 wins and 4 losses.

EP9 Everyone's Night Mar 07, 2020

It's New Years Day. Daichi is on edge due to the incoming Spring Inter-high, but a day of spending time with his teammates and friends helps him calm down. The team has arrived in Tokyo for nationals. After getting some practice in at a local gymnasium, the team settles down at their lodging, where each member spends the last night ahead of the big day in his or her own ways. The day after, Karasuno reunites with Nekoma, Fukurōdani, and some other familiar faces at nationals.

EP10 Battle Lines Mar 14, 2020

A minor crisis strikes when Hinata's shoes suddenly go missing before the team's first game. Kiyoko embarks on the task of retrieving the shoes as she remembers how she first became the manager of the team and the bonds that have been formed. Karasuno faces Tsubakihara Academy in their first game and another crisis takes place when Kageyama seems to be off his game.

EP11 A Chance To Connect Mar 21, 2020

With Kageyama back on track, Karasuno begins to power through the rest of the set and show they are not to be underestimated. At the same time, the Tsubakihara team starts doing all they can to ensure that they did not come to the Spring Tournament as mere participants.

EP12 Vivid Mar 28, 2020

Karasuno has won their match and are advancing to the second round of the Spring Tournament. The Fukurōdani team hit a snag in their game when Bokuto falls into a depressed state and Akaashi does what he can to bring the ace back to top form.

EP13 The Second Day Apr 04, 2020

The night before the second day of nationals, Karasuno prepares to play against their next opponent. It turns out they are facing the runner-up of the Interhigh Tournament, Inarizaki High. Coach Ukai briefs the team about the players to look out for, especially Atsumu Miya who attended the Youth Training Camp with Kageyama. Karasuno quick realizes they are in for an incredibly tough match, but things get worse when they found out that Atsumu Miya has a twin.

EP14 Rhythm Oct 03, 2020

Inarizaki begins building pressure on Karasuno with the help of the famous Inarizaki cheering squad using music and timing to throw their opponents off balance. Karasuno begins to feel the affects of Inarizaki's methods until help arrives in the form of a familiar face.

EP15 Found Oct 10, 2020

Karasuno is able to regain their rhythm with Saeko’s help, but the Miya Twins weirdo quick gives Inarizaki the lead. How will Karasuno deal with this unexpected turn of events?

EP16 Broken Heart Oct 17, 2020

Because of Yamaguchi’s service ace at the end of the first set, Karasuno is able to get set point first. However, Inarizaki then starts targeting Tanaka, who seems a bit off his game. How will Tanaka deal with this pressure?

EP17 Cats vs. Monkeys Oct 24, 2020

A chance event triggered Shouyou Hinata's love for volleyball. His club had no members, but somehow persevered and finally made it into its very first and final regular match of middle school, where it was steamrolled by Tobio Kageyama, a superstar player known as "King of the Court." Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to the Karasuno High School volleyball club... only to come face-to-face with his hated rival, Kageyama! A tale of hot-blooded youth and volleyball from the pen of Haruichi Furudate!!

EP18 Trap Oct 31, 2020

Now in the second set, Kenma continues to be made to run about and further tire himself. As Sarukawa Tech continues to build pressure with their tenacious plays and believing they have manipulated the Nekoma team to play how they want, signs begin to show that Sarukawa Tech may not actually be in control of the game.

EP19 The Ultimate Challengers Nov 07, 2020

We return to the match between Karasuno and Inarizaki. The Miya twins continue with powerful attacks and Aran performs his best attacks; but they lose points unnecessarily (Even Osamu does a Homerun); While Suna shows why he is a good Central Blocker. When the Inarizaki saw how the Karasuno began a comeback, the captain appears.

EP20 Leader Nov 14, 2020

Inarizaki's captain Shinsuke Kita makes his star appearance.

EP21 Hero Nov 21, 2020

Karasuno continues to hold the lead in the score as Suna and Tsukishima begin to form a rivalry. Nishinoya finally admits to the team that he is scared of Atsumu's serves and Aran's history with the Miya twins is revealed.

EP22 Pitons Nov 28, 2020

Inarizaki begins to take the set back with unexpected and powerful attacks, with each play continuing to chip away at the spirits of the Karasuno team. When all begins to seem hopeless, a miraculous play made by the last person they expected brings a new wave of hope.

EP23 The Birth of the Serene King Dec 05, 2020

Little by little the game is approaching the end, with the players of both teams accusing the accumulated fatigue.

EP24 Monsters' Ball Dec 12, 2020

The grueling match between Karasuno and Inarizaki comes to a conclusion as one team finally emerges victorious and moves onto the third round of the Spring Tournament.

EP25 The Promised Land Dec 19, 2020

Karasuno has claimed victory and will be advancing to the third round of the Spring Tournament. Emotions are on display from all teams as some are eliminated from the tournament while others prepare for their next battle.
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Shōyō Hinata was inspired to play volleyball after seeing Kurasuno High School's "little giant" competing in the national tournament on TV. He trains relentlessly to make up for his lack of height, but suffers a crushing defeat in his first and last tournament of middle school at the hands of his rival Tobio Kageyama. Vowing revenge against Kageyama and hoping to follow in the little giant's footsteps, Hinata joins Kurasuno High School's volleyball team. To his initial dismay, Kageyama is also on Kurasuno's team. The former rivals soon overcome their differences though and combine their strengths to form a legendary combo using Hinata's mobility and Kageyama's precision ball-handling. Together with their team, they compete in prefecture tournaments and promise to meet Kurasuno's fated rival school at nationals.

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