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EP1 Episode 1 Oct 11, 2010

This time it's the lowdown on her nemesis the Trickster, and Krislok the time-travelling Graske.

EP2 Episode 2 Oct 18, 2010

This time Rani gives us the lowdown on the Entity, Eve and Ship.

EP3 Episode 3 Oct 25, 2010

Luke, back from university, has the lowdown on his creator Mrs Wormwood, and her fearsome Bane mother, as well as revealing information on the ultimate space warrior clones - the Sontarans.

EP4 Episode 4 Nov 01, 2010

Sarah Jane has the lowdown on slithery Slitheen, their untrustworthy Blathereen cousins and their deadly gift of Rakweed.

EP5 Episode 5 Nov 08, 2010

Clyde has the lowdown on the all-controlling Berserkers and the alien truth behind the world's most famous painting - the Mona Lisa.

EP6 Episode 6 Nov 15, 2010

Luke has the lowdown on space police the Judoon, alien secret protector Mister Dread, and the galaxy-destroying Androvax the Veil.
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Released: 11 October 2010 Ended
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Sarah Jane's Alien Files is a BBC series based on The Sarah Jane Adventures. It features Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra entering data on aliens they have encountered during their adventures into Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's extraterrestrial computer, to benefit humanity in the event that Sarah Jane is no longer capable of defending the Earth against alien threats. Each episode is a clip show summarising the events of episodes in which the featured aliens appeared. The only new footage is the framing and narration, shot entirely on the series' standing attic set. Occasionally, brief clips from Doctor Who are included for context, such as in episode 6 when the Judoon are compared to the Cheetah People of Survival in that each humanoid species looks superficially like a non-humanoid terrestrial mammal. The series format was based upon the short "alien files" clips previously produced for the CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

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