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EP1 Those Newly Come of Age Jul 09, 2022

Barbara and Barbie meet a robed figure at the entrance of the manor with a large number of Scorches. Later in the night, the Living Dolls are gathered and ordered to report if they know of the figure. Kate and Emilico discuss the announcement, then go to sleep.

EP2 The Best "Star Bearer" Jul 16, 2022

Barbara strives to fulfill her role as a Star Bearer in spite of Barbie's concerns about her health. Troubled by the disturbances which keep occurring in the children's wing, Barbara wonders if things would have been different under the previous leader. Meanwhile, in John's rooms, John reads a letter from Kate. Something in it sends him into a state of shock.

EP3 A Great Cleaning Jul 23, 2022

Kate and Emilico have resolved to become Star Bearers in order to close in on the secrets of the house, and begin to make moves in order to gather information. But just as they are about to get started in earnest, the living dolls all gather in the great hall for a rejoicing party where they are attacked by a huge mass of scorches, leading to a second incident of phantom mayhem.

EP4 Potential Suspects Jul 30, 2022

The Star Bearers have determined that the soot pipes are the origin of the phantoms. For now, in order to quell the disorder in the children's wing, Barbara punishes the Belle twins, who broke the coffee carafes, by assigning them to cleaning the soot pipes. However, having been unable to ascertain the true culprit behind the incidents, the Star Bearers turn their suspicions on Kate.

EP5 A Midnight Meeting of Peers Aug 06, 2022

While in the research team's lab, Kate and the others look for hints as to Master Robe's identity.

EP6 Night Sky Aug 13, 2022

As Kate meets with her peers, Emilico and John reminisce under a starry sky, but the night will not end as quietly as it begins.

EP7 Individual Investigations Aug 20, 2022

Each of the peers from the midnight meeting, along with their living dolls, begin their separate investigations.

EP8 The Identity of Master Robe Aug 27, 2022

Kate and the others hold another meeting in Patrick's rooms to share information, and as they hone in on the culprit behind the phantom mayhem, Emilico realizes something.

EP9 The Last Lesson Sep 03, 2022

Kate and the others have deduced the identity of Master Robe, the culprit behind the phantom mayhem, who then tells them of the cruel secret of Shadows House.

EP10 The Value of Friends Sep 10, 2022

No match for Maryrose, Kate and John flee the main house, but just when they feel truly cornered, they come up with a plan to turn the tables.

EP11 The Answer of the Two Sep 17, 2022

The culprits are captured and handed over to the Star Bearers where a brief conversation calls up the regrets of a broken promise and secrets hidden in the past.

EP12 Those Who Fight Back Sep 24, 2022

The phantom mayhem has ended in the worst possible way, and as the house tries to settle back into its usual routine, Kate and Emilico's suspicions and fears give rise to an unshakeable determination.
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Released: 11 April 2021 Ended
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A faceless clan lives in a large mansion, masquerading as nobles. Their caretakers are living dolls who spend their days cleaning up the dirt the tenants leave behind. But there’s a deeper mystery at play… and the secret of the house will be unveiled.

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